Angel Of Darkness by Cynthia Eden (The Fallen #1)

Angel Of Darkness by Cynthia EdenAvailable: Nov 29 2011 Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Brava

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

As an angel of death, Keenan’s job is to collect the souls on his list. He’s carried out his duty for two thousand years and never faltered once. Until he meets Nicole St. James. When the moment of death comes, Keenan hesitates, and instead of taking Nicole, Keenan touches the vampire who’s attacking her.

Cast out of heaven for disobedience, Keenan plummets to earth. Six months later, he finally manages to track Nicole to a bar in Mexico. He’s stunned to discover that the woman he remembers has undergone a dramatic change—she’s become a vampire. And when he realizes that she’s the target of all manner of enemies—other vampires, demons, even shifters—he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if all hell breaks loose…


He never expected the pain when he fell. Keenan has been an angel of death for centuries. Moving through life with no emotion just calm directability. Never second guessing the souls he was to ferry to the afterlife. Until he laid eyes on Nicole St James. The raven haired beauty made him falter when it was her turn to be taken. Instead of killing her with his touch, he killed her vampire attacker in a moment of vulnerability. Paying the ultimate price, he fell from grace to save her life. One problem, she died that night anyway and what came back was a confident, over sexed, royally pissed off woman who has it out for anyone that had a hand in her death.

Nicole St James never asked for this, never wanted what she has become. The things she did before she got control of herself are heinous and she swears she’ll never succumb to the  blood lust again. Peoples lives depend on it. Things are swiftly getting out of control though. The hunter is becoming the hunted and she needs Keenan nearby whether she wants to admit it or not. It’s a good thing the angel is easy on the eyes as well as useful.

When heaven and hell collide who will still be standing when the dust settles? Can Nicole risk the one thing she values more than her life? Her heart?


Angel Of Darkness is book one in Cynthia’s new series she has entitled, The Fallen. I always bounce around with excitment when I hear she has started a new series because I simply adore her work. There has never been a Cynthia Eden book that I didn’t love and Angel Of Darkness did not start that either. This series is loosely tied to some of her other books and there are a few characters that turn up or are talked about that you may recognize.

I have an unhealthy obsession with angels. Some readers claim they are played out because the book market is saturated with a ton of stories, especially romance, filled with angels of every kind. Even a few demons that could pass for an angel of some sort. Problem is, I can’t get enough. I love each authors take on angels. What makes them good, what keeps them in line, are there angels for both sides or just for the good? There is just something about a character meeting an angel for the first time. Realizing that they are real so there must be life after death and it totally helps they are smoking hot. 🙂 I always think of the tv show Supernatural that has used angels in its theme for the past few seasons. They aren’t always good looking, lol, but the idea that they made them corrupt had me intrigued. If humans are flawed, then angels should be too.

In Angel Of Darkness Keenan is a flawed angel. After centuries of not feeling anything he finally felt a spark…and that spark was lust. Nicole made him pause in his duty. He made a decision to save her life which went against everything that he has ever known. I loved the idea that he could finally feel and what he did with this new feeling was immediately defy his superiors. Who says whose name is on the list? Who makes the list? Why can’t it be changed? All questions that seem very human, asked often.

Nicole starts out the book simply wanting revenge for the vamp and his “buddy” that turned her and atonement for her sins as a new vampire. I found that funny since they are exact opposites and even though she was no longer human she sure still thought like one. Her slow warming up to Keenan was to be expected and I enjoyed the process for them. Nicole wasn’t nearly as new to everything as Keenan was and it was nice to see the table turned and the male be new to everything.

I loved Sam (aka Samuel) and his pessimistic and completely underhanded way to get Keenan to see his returning powers. He was manipulative and sometimes downright mean. I loved him because even though he is both of those he was there when he needed to be. His brief glimpses of tightly controlled emotion made the book for me. Can’t wait for his book, which I *think* is next!

Azreal…or Az, was thought provoking and I loved how Cynthia made him drunk with power. Being the head honcho of the angels of death had to be a horrible job. Even though they weren’t supposed to feel emotion I thought Az’s ability to feel power and contempt was a great addition and made him into a huge hypocrite. I would love to see what happened after the ending of this one and hope he shows up again at some point. The man, err angel, needs to learn about humans a bit more.

Angel of Darkness is a gritty thrill ride sprinkled with enough human emotion to make even the hardest of angels melt. Sure to be a page turner for you and something that will make you think about all those stories you may have heard as a kid. Who is watching over us? Who is really in charge? And is it so bad here on earth, or are we actually the lucky ones?

I give Angel of Darkness by Cynthia Eden 4.50 stars!


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