Chasing Her Trail by Keri Ford (Uninhibited In Apple Trail #6)


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Type: Contemporary Romance (slightly erotic)

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press/Sapphire Nights Books

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Jessie McBride barely survived the unexpected death of her loving parents. Forced to fend for herself with few people to depend on while raising her younger cousin, Jessie learned to be self-sufficient. She kept a few friends close and pushed the rest of the world away, along with that helpless, dependent girl she was once. Been there, done that, never again.

It works until Henry Green enters her life, with sentimental tales of his grandpa and family. Jessie is drawn in as Henry strives to take care of the man who raised him. But while Henry is putting things in place for his grandpa to retire, his well-intended controlling ways are smothering Jessie.

Can Henry’s invitation back to life and love tempt Jessie to drop the emotional wall, or will Henry give up on chasing the girl she once was?


The cousin of the worst mistake in Jessie’s life needs a favor? Oh no, she thinks not. No way in hell is she going to sell off some of her daddys hard earned land and what she has fought for years to achieve to no cousin of Quinn, aka, the jerk. Henry has his work cut out for him if he plans on getting land to build his aging grandfather a home. The fiery landowner, Jessie, doesn’t seem to like him much or his ideas on how his plan can help them both out.

Jessie has a house falling in around her, a yard that desperately needs cut and acres upon acres of land to keep an eye on. She doesn’t have time to help out someone else as long as she is trying to help herself out. No matter what amount of money Henry throws in front of her. When he tells her of his plans for his grandfather though, that hits a nerve. Who is she to deny something she was never given a chance to have…family. Slowly Henry and his high handed ways are wearing her resolve down. Maybe her problem wasn’t depending on other people…but who she had depended on in the past.


I will admit, I’m sad. I am totally sad that Chasing Her Trail is the last in the Apple Trail series that introduced me to Keri Ford. It’s one of those series you just don’t want to end. You know it has too, because at some point you’re going to run out of residents to write about…but when the time comes it just brings you down. I love this series. It’s honest, real and makes my heart go pitter patter. Having said all that, Keri Ford has given us an ending fitting to her series. I think I say this with each book of hers I read, but this is her best work yet!

I absolutely adored Henry and Jessie together. I mean, I wanted to knock their heads together a few times, but I did love them! Poor Jessie was just to headstrong for her own good. I mean geez woman, when your house is literally falling in around you, admit defeat and let someone help you! If that someone happens to be an incredibly hunky guy that has money to throw around, can give you amazing orgasms and is a family man too…well isn’t that just icing on the cake? Stop being so stubborn woman and let him in!

And Henry, goodness gracious man, if you are falling for a woman with a past like Jessies and you know she hates people doing things for her, don’t go doing things without asking first! Let her think everything is her decision..even if you really know it’s not.

These two both needed their heads examined. Each getting on the other nerves by simply being who they are. Funny thing about that though, once they came together, the sparks flew and there was no turning back for either of them. I loved how Keri had them slowly see that what they thought as their attributes really might have been hindering their success all along.

Another thing I love about this series is the crossover characters. We are treated to a good size epilogue at the end of the series that ties everything up neatly and I enjoyed that. I do love a happily ever after and Keri Ford gave me what I wanted. Not to fear though, we will get to go back to Apple Trail in some degree with her new Roughnecks trilogy coming out next year!

Keri Ford is an incredible author and an amazing woman. Her characters are real and the emotion jumps off the page. She combines awesome story lines with a down home southern charm that will reel you right in and keep you hooked through six amazing novellas! I have really enjoyed watching her grow with her first series and I now know that the sky is the limit with her. There are amazing things to come from her…she is an auto buy author for me and I think, given the chance, she’ll be one for you too!


I give Chasing Her Trail by Keri Ford 5 stars!

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