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My Favorite Flavor of Cowboy by Sarah M. Anderson

I like cowboys. Okay, okay, ‘like’ may not be the right word. ‘Love’ is probably closer, although you’d probably be safe with ‘obsessed with.’

And I know I’m not alone. A lot of you like cowboys, too. What’s not to love? Cowboys are red-blooded American males who know how to handle everything from a barbed-wire fence to a horse to a pick-up truck—not to mention the woman they love. These are men who work with their hands and possess a skill set you don’t find in major urban areas. They handle whips, ropes, and branding irons, with a shotgun and even a six-shooter thrown in for good measure.

When picturing your favorite cowboy, perhaps you picked Daniel Craig, from the recent movie Cowboys and Aliens. Or Matt Damon, from True Grit. And don’t forget Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer in Tombstone. Heck, if you go back far enough, to Stagecoach, even John Wayne was hotter than hell.

These are all fine cowboys. Emphasis on the fine. But for me, the selection is somewhat limited. When I thought of hot cowboys, a different image pops into my mind.

There’s a horse, of course. That’s the same. Blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a hat: Check. Maybe a six-shooter, maybe a knife—a cowboy can never be too prepared. So far, we’re all good.

But this is where my image veers off course. Instead of short, trim hair, the cowboy of my dreams has long, black hair that’s closer to his belt than his ears. Instead of skin that’s leathery red from the sun or pale (Looking at you, Val-as-Doc Holliday), the cowboy of my dreams has a natural copper glow. He may or may not have a saddle on the horse—because he can ride just as well without one. And, more often than not, my cowboy has frequently misplaced his shirt.

In other words, my cowboy is, more often than not, an American Indian. A Lakota Indian, to be precise, because that particular tribe is well known for their horse culture. Don’t get me wrong—if you’ve got a hunk on horseback, I’m there. But all things being equal, I’ll pick the American Indian every day of the week.

Actor Jay Tavera

What’s your favorite flavor of cowboy? I’ll draw for a signed copy of A Man of His Word this Wednesday, and all commenters will be entered to win a custom-made Locket of Love, valued at $185!

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Attorney Rosebud Donnelly has a case to win. And she never lets anyone see her sweat. But her first meeting with Dan Armstrong doesn’t go according to script. No one warned her that the COO of the company she’s fighting would be so…manly.

From his storm-colored eyes to his well-worn boots, Dan is an honest-to-goodness cowboy. But is he honest? Her yearning for the Texas tycoon goes against reason, against family loyalty, against everything she thought she believed in. And yet, in Dan’s strong arms, Rosebud feels she might be ready to risk everything for one more kiss….



  1. I prefer the Baskin-Robbins approach. I like ALL flavors! I think cowboys make the perfect heroes. They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty (literally) and they are hard workers. The best thing is that they like to play hard too.

    Congratulations on the new release! I’ll keep an eye out for it next week.

  2. You painted a beautiful picture with your description of the Lakota as your favored cowboy. My thoughts would not have automatically gone in that direction. Now that they have, definitely my favored flavor.

  3. Love cowboy stories. This is a new book and author for me and always looking for new stuff to check out. I love to try new books. Would love to win and read, so please choose me for the giveaway.

  4. Stacie, I love the concept of a Baskins-Robbins approach–everything’s good!

    Mary, glad to see you’re being adventuresome! It’s always good to try something new!

    Chris, thanks for commenting! Cowboys are the best, aren’t they?

  5. I love the reluctant gunfighter who just wants to settle down and work a little ranch with a good woman by his side. Of course, they won’t let him settle down, and he’s too noble to endanger a woman, so there’s lots of conflict before we finally get the happily ever after!

    Congrats on A Man of His Word!

  6. I love an old-skool cowboy, strong, smart, heart of gold and just a touch too possessive. In looks, I admit I love Dr. Quinn’s Sully, even if he was afraid of horses. My mind just edits him to the top of a horse lol
    The book looks great, I can’t wait to read it.

    faefever25 at hotmail dot com

  7. I am not sure I have ever read a cowboy story 🙁 Look at all the fun I have missed. I will be checking these out real soon. I will then let you know what my fave cowboy is

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