The Heels Made Me by KJ Reed

Available: Now: Amazon

Type: Erotic Short

Publisher: Sapphire Nights

My Copy: Sent

Following an impulse, Charlotte shows up on base with a surprise to rock her husband’s world. After a long seven months, this deployment is about to end with a slam-bang homecoming. Right. Now.


Wowie, wow, wow! This super short erotic romance, at only about 18 pages, will set your unmentionables on fire and nothing is gonna put them out! I am always cautious going into a short story because a lot of times I am left wanting. I give myself a little pep talk beforehand to get into the mindset that this is just a glimpse…not an entire story. I won’t have time to get attached. Nope. Well in The Heels Made Me I simply did not care. It was a wham bam thank you mam…heavy on the bamming. Hot, sexy and just downright dirty. At only .99 on Amazon this is something to wet your appetite and can’t be passed up. No guarantees that you won’t go stalking your husband or significant other for a little Boo-tay after reading though. Military men everywhere will gladly encourage you to read this so you get a few ideas of your own for their homecoming. *wink wink* I completely recommend this one!



I give The Heels Made Me by KJ Reed 5 stars! 


Also from KJ:

As an early Christmas gift, I scored an exclusive invitation to a Hilltop House party. I’d heard the rumors about what goes on there–orgies,, menages, voyeurism… And I planned to be a little voyeuristic myself. I’d been a good girl, after all. Certainly I deserved to witness a walk on the wild side. What I didn’t plan on was going from spectator to participant.

When I met Dane I discovered how quickly my plans could change. And when Ryder was thrown into the mix? Merry Christmas to me. These two sexy men had no problem adding much needed sizzle to my cold winter night.

Reader Advisory: At this Christmas Ball, our heroine briefly observes two women engaging in an activity that will surely land them on Santa’s Naughty List.

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