The Bite Before Christmas by Heidi Betts

The Bite Before Christmas by Heidi BettsAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance Anthology

Publisher: Kensington

My Copy: Library

Reviewer: Nikki

The Bite Before Christmas is a three-story anthology by Heidi Betts I downloaded to my Kindle last week from Amazon. It looked like a fun, cute read and after reading so many dark paranormal books lately, I figured something light would be fun. I am sure Heidi didn’t set out to write a groundbreaking novel with this one, but fun it certainly was. It was light-hearted with a vampire twist. Each of these three short stories centers around a world that is aware, if not uncomfortable, that vampires exist and co-mingle with humans.

All I Vant For Christmas……

Conner has been around for many, many Christmases. This holiday he wants something traditional, something big, something family oriented. Too bad his vamp brother and sister want absolutely nothing to do with their older brother, let alone the holidays. Conner’s decision to hire event planner Jillian to give him the Christmas of his dreams seems to be a great idea. He doesn’t expect his event planner to be drop dead gorgeous as well as incredible at her job. As she turns his mansion into Christmas central she is also melting his icy heart.

Jillian is out to seduce her sexy vampire boss. Accused of being a bore in and out of the bedroom by her ex she is set on proving him wrong. Not knowing the truth about vampire legends does but a slight damper on her plans, but not for long. Once past her inhibitions it’s Conner who is running to catch up.

A Vampire In Her Stocking….

Vivian and Sean have been working together for two years without really knowing each other. Although Vivian has been working for Sean as his assistant, she couldn’t bring herself to tell him her true feelings. She was totally in love with him and had been the entire time. When Sean tells her he is dying she is devastated. She figures a quick tryst on his desk in the office will be the last she sees from him. She never expected for her meddlesome vamp friend to go and turn him for her! Now she has a very confused, albeit extremely hot, man laying in her apartment that not only doesn’t like vampires, isn’t sure they actually exist. Convincing him of what he is….and who he wants…is going to be the toughest job assignment Vivian has ever faced.

It’s A Wonderful Bite….

All three stories come full circle with the center character in each story…the meddlesome friend…Angelina. Angelina is a match maker by trade but can’t seem to tie those ends in her own life. Oh sure, she has had the hot vampire cop Ian sleeping by her side for the past eighty years, but no ring on her finger to prove who she belongs to. When she falls asleep to the tune of  “It’s A Wonderful Life” she has a nightmare of epic proportions.

Ian and Angelina have both become cops and they are also -GULP- human.  Angelina tries to come to grips with the loss of her superhuman powers and the fact that Ian isn’t married to her…she is the “other woman”.  When things go wrong in their undercover operation, death is suddenly a very real possibility.

I loved Heidi’s realistic writing. She uses a lot of slang and current cultural references. Which works now because it is so current. Not sure how that would work years from now though. I cracked a smile often throughout these light-hearted novellas. Each chapter is labeled slightly different which was another fun twist. Things like O-Positive and Bite 1.

The first novella was pretty tame but the second and third had much better sex scenes. However I really didn’t like Angelina’s story. It was totally predictable on the dream front and I saw where it was going from the very beginning. For it’s intent at being light The Bite Before Christmas definitely delivers. If you want substance this probably isn’t for you.

I give The Bite Before Christmas 3 stars.


  1. Nikki it sounds like you got your “free” out of the freebie Kindle read for sure… 2 stories out of 3 is not too bad for an anthology and yes that cover is def cheesy but still caught my eye as in the mood for some “lighter fare” that has a holiday theme… Thanks for the review and now it makes me wish even more could have gotten the book myself but I missed it!

    jackie >_<

    1. Thanks Nikki, it would be greatly appreciated as I love Anthologies and was bummed when went t o find this one too late for it to download as a freebie!! I am a shameless free bookaholic, one day have to get the actual Kindle to put all my books on and get them off my computer….

      jackie >_<

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