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Thanks Nikki for having me today! You asked me to blog on what it’s like to end one series and begin a new one. At first glance I thought this post would be a snap to write, but since this is my forth start, not so easy.

Then I figured out why I’m making this so hard. I’m way over thinking it. Thing is, it was pretty simple to move from one series into the next because I was writing on them both at the same time. I didn’t have any sort of end-of-the-series lag time where there was nothing to work on.

I was working on my new series while still writing the last book of the old one. So there. What’s it like for me to transition from one old to a new? Smoothly!

I think it goes back to how I feel about my characters. I’ve been asked before, “Do you fall in love with the hero?” And my answer is no. I’m already in love with someone else, my husband. Even though he snores. For me as the writer of a book, I see myself as the matchmaker. I partner people up, set them off a journey and those people continue into happily ever after land.

And that’s kind of how I feel about ending a series. I matched all those people up, now I’m eagerly moving on to do some more matching-making.

Something else that added to the smooth transition was, it wasn’t always easy writing the last book in the series. Chasing Her Trail gave me some series fits. The horror of ending a series on a bad book was with me each time I sat down to write the story. Chasing Her Trail was downright scary to write. I worried constantly. I lost hair. I bit my nails steadily. I got acne. I gained a few pounds. So when it was time for something new and refreshing—I was all over that like something fast.

Now that Chasing Her Trail is released, there’s nothing more I can do with it but cross fingers. I’m a bit sad looking back knowing I’m finished with the series that began my career, but at the same time I can’t wait to show you all The Roughnecks.


Keri Ford is the author of six sexy contemporary novellas set in the small town of Apple Trail, Arkansas. She’s got 3 more novellas currently scheduled for 2012 and a series of single-title romantic mysteries coming 2013.

Her latest release is Chasing Her Trail and is available at TMP | Amazon |B&NSmashwords | AllRomanceEbooks | Bookstrand

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  1. Hey Keri! Thanks for stopping by today! I am sad to see the series go..but I’m okay b/c I am liking the new covers 😉 Now if only it was spring already and the first one was out! WAAAAAAA!

  2. Happy to be here. aren’t those cover the bestest?? I love them. I have to say, I’m so ready for spring too! The first one was fun, but the second one has taken some turns I NEVER expected to write!

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