Warrior’s Redemption by Melissa Mayhue (Warrior #1)

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Type: Paranormal-ish Romance

Publisher: Pocket Books

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Malcolm MacDowylt, laird of Clan MacGahan, is a man ruled by guilt. His wife’s death, his struggling clansmen, even his sister being held prisoner—all hangs on his shoulders. As a descendent of the Norse gods himself, he’s not surprised when his Faerie “mother-in-law” arrives determined to deliver justice for his treatment of her daughter. At least not until that justice appears in the form of a woman whose every look speaks to his very soul…A woman who claims to come from 700 years in the future.


Malcolm, Laird of his Scottish clan has bigger problems then a visiting mother in law spouting off about fairies and magic. War is coming and his focus should rightfully be there. When his meddling mother in law Eleysria warns him of a girl who he must rescue he dares not to brush her off. Who he finds is Dani, a woman from the future with no idea how she came to be 700 years in the past, and in Malcolms strong embrace.

Dani never once believed that the fairy Goddess would send her to the past. She’s not quite sure she even believed the fairies were listening. Now she is stuck in historical Scotland with no way home. In order to throw off Malcolm’s evil half brother, she agrees to pretend they are betrothed to hopefully throw him off his game to take over Malcolms territory.  The problem with pretending is that, at some point, it becomes real.


I’m not sure where to start this review. I really enjoyed the book but I can’t seem to get into words why exactly. You may just have to take my word on it. 🙂 To start with I’m not quite sure what to label this book. It’s a mix of historical, contemporary and paranormal romance all rolled into one and usually that would annoy me. Melissa Mayhue makes it work and work well and so I ended up really liking the characters and their interactions.

Dani is our heroine. She is spunky and true to herself and her belief in fairies. Regardless of what others may think of her, she holds fast to her beliefs. On Halloween night she makes a plea to the fairy goddess to finally be rid of her boring life. To be taken to where she is needed, where her destiny is. She is beyond shocked when to fill her destiny she gets sent back to 700 years in the past. I loved watching how she adjusted to historical Scotland. How she reacted to Scottish Laird, Malcolm upon waking in his arms the first time. The girl has a mean punch! For a girl that should be rightfully confused with her surroundings, she is extremely brave and doesn’t hesitate when the people she is coming to care for are in danger. Included in those is Malcolm. Pretending to be engaged is one thing, but actually starting to feel like it is another.

Having already lost one wife, Malcolm doesn’t believe he can take care of anyone, let alone this woman claiming to be from the future. He bears the weight of a ton of pressure. With a war approaching, with his own brother, he spends a lot of time stressed out. His half brother leads a rival clan and Torquil isn’t known for his patience. He also has Malcolm’s sister, who he holds in high regard because of her visions. Malcolm knows he must get her back safely and soon before Torquil exploits her abilities for his own gain any further. Further complicating his life is his ex mother in law, Elesyria, who, along with the goddess, is the reason Dani has shown up in the first place. His reasoning tells him fairies aren’t real but the fact are screaming that they are. I liked his willingness to see outside the box and go with his gut. He isn’t fully healed from losing his wife and here comes Dani with her sassy mouth and directness that, as a laird, he isn’t used to people expressing.

I found Malcolm to be a highly engaging character. First off I have a thing for accents and Scottish, even in my head, sounds HOT. Secondly he stood up for what he believed in and when given the opportunity to buy his way out of a sticky situation, he instead surrendered myself. That’s just not something you see (or read) a lot of. I found the vulnerability endearing. On the flip side, upon hearing about his capture, Dani goes into warrior mode and become the heroic hero. The flip of roles was just flat out good reading.

Readers that enjoy a bit of a mix to their romance heavy on the time travel should really enjoy this one. It’s light-hearted and easy to read and I didn’t once find myself cursing the number of pages between the covers. There is very little sex and what there is feels more like a “fade to black” type of scene. I would say if anything I wanted more emotion. There are times that I didn’t feel the connection that was growing between Malcolm and Dani. I read the words but that spark was lost to me several times.


I give Warrior’s Redemption by Melissa Mayhue 4 stars! 

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