Under The Same Sky by Genevieve Graham


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Type: Contemporary/Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Berkley

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On the Carolina frontier Maggie Johnson’s family struggles to survive. Maggie’s gift of “the sight” and her visions show her a presence she calls Wolf. She watches him grow from a boy her age to a man even as she goes from child to woman.

Andrew MacDonald has always wondered about the girl he sees in his dreams. He is able to talk to her through their thoughts and vows that even if he must cross an ocean he will find her. They are thrust into different situations: Andrew fights for the doomed Jacobite cause and Maggie is captured by slavers, then rescued and brought into a kind, loving Native American tribe. They each believe in destiny and the power of the love they have shared forever.


Maggie isn’t your ordinary girl. The ability to see events before they happen and being visited by a young boy in her dreams since she was little. When her life get drastically changed forever she calls on the boy, now a man, for help as she never has in the past.

Andrew leads his own life with virtually the same abilities in Scotland, a world away from Maggie in South Carolina. Upon hearing her cry he knows he must reach her. He must sail a world away in order to find the woman he has always known in his head.

Two people connected, thousands of miles apart, will have to overcome the biggest of obstacles in order to be together…Life.


Debut author Graham has spun a timeless tale of love that is miles apart and yet close to the heart. Maggie and Andrew have this connection between them that spans thousands of miles. They have always been together in their dreams. Not always knowing the other was real but always trusting in the serenity they felt when they were together. In times of great need they lend each other strength and fuel each others emotional reserves.

Maggie has been victimized and through enough for 100 people. I will admit that I was horrified by what she lived through. As any woman would be. Trying to heal from her injuries, both physical and emotional, she has been living with a local Cherokee tribe. Knowing one day Andrew would come for her. Andrew, living in Scotland, is trying to make his way. Using his gift to occasionally save some young children or avenge people he loves.

Both Maggie and Andrew are special beyond their ability to see each other in their dreams. Both can see accounts in the future, or as they happen.

The thing about this book that most stands out is the way in which it was written. Maggies account is written in 1st person while Andrews is in 3rd person. I found that slightly hard to follow and focus with all the bouncing back and forth. I think, for me, it made it harder to feel that connection between characters. Also, the characters spend the entire book trying to get to each other, so essentially this is two books loosely tied together by a romance. Each character leads their own life that have nothing to do with the romance between the two. They aren’t even on the same continent. For years they don’t even say a word to each other. While I appreciated the love from afar I think had they gotten together a lot sooner then they did and had some experiences together I would have been able to understand the love affair.

As it stands I liked both characters separately even if I didn’t feel the sizzle between them. Andrew, strong and tough with a tenacity to withstand the separation between himself and Maggie. Maggie was a extremely strong character to go through everything she had and be able to still function.

If you don’t mind some distance between characters, and can handle the writing structure, I think this historical romance will be a popular one. Even having issues I did enjoy it.

I give Under The Same Sky by Genevieve Graham 3.50 stars!


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  1. Thanks, Nikki!
    Yes, the 1st person/3rd person writing goes either white or black with readers, no grey reaction to this book! The reason for it was that Maggie’s life is spent living through her dreams, and the only way to really understand what is in her head is to hear it firsthand. Andrew, on the other hand, represents the rest of the world, the rest of the world. His story needed a broader perspective, so I went with 3rd person.
    But …
    In fact the reason I told Maggie’s perspective in 1st person was because that’s how she showed it to me. Andrew’s story appeared to me from afar and I had no choice but to tell it from third person.

    Thanks for the review!

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