Traditional Terms by Alta Hensley (Traditional Love #2)

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Type: Erotic Novella

Publisher: LazyDay Publishing

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She can submit to the man. But can she submit to the love?

Being an erotica author, Coley could turn words into a lusty scene in seconds. She could write about sex, but was finding it difficult to write about love. She just couldn’t find the hero for her book…or in real life, for that matter. She needed to find the passion to write again. She needed to find passion…period.
With one kiss, Coley soon discovers that a long time friend may be the man she had always been looking for. Vance was strong, sexy, loving and extremely alpha. Coley also knew he lived a lifestyle of Domestic Discipline. He loved, he led and he spanked his women.
Had she found her real life hero? Could Coley surrender to his love? Could she truly submit to his Traditional Terms?


Coley knows what Domestic Discipline is because it’s the lifestyle her brother and fiance live daily but she doesn’t think she could ever submit to a spanking and do it seriously. She is just way to headstrong, way too in control of herself to ever hand over the reigns to a man. Coley is lonely though and yearns for the love and stability of a man. When her brothers best friend, Vance shows some interest in her, Coley decides to give this spanking thing a try. She may not be able to be what Vance needs, but she’s willing to give it a shot. Little does she know that along with allowing herself to be spanked, she’s also allowing her heart to love.


Alta Hensley is an author I have just discovered recently and I must say, I am glad that I did! Traditional Terms is a novella length jewel in the erotic romance genre that kept me interested in this lifestyle of Domestic Discipline that I had never heard of before. Sure I’ve heard of spanking used in the bedroom, I’m no prude and you can find that scenario throughout many erotic romances…even some contemporary romances. However, I had never heard of Domestic Discipline. The act of spanking or the use of threatening punishment in the bedroom while you are in public. Of course these “punishments” may be uncomfortable at first but will end in you begging for more. To be spanked harder. To use other props in the submission process.

I found that myself and Coley were a lot alike. She is completely headstrong and the thought of being spanked or controlled by any man in public turned her off. Yet in a strange way, turned her on too. Sure, she understood it but she didn’t necessarily want to live it either.  Vance is a dominant man and even though she is willing to give his lifestyle a try she isn’t sure she can ever fully submit to him. Coley doesn’t want to be humiliated in public and told what she can or can’t say. I totally understood her balking at the control idea. I would feel the same way. Yet it’s the thrilling aspect that giving up the control gives me that I think Coley felt too. The sensual aspect that if Coley acts out Vance is sure to punish her behavior later. Which is, of course, what Coley does. It’s the excitement factor. She pushes his boundaries and tests her limits. Subconsciously knowing that if he let’s her off the hook that she will lose all respect for his lifestyle but at the same time dreading the punishment sure to follow her behavior.

I found the entire thing HOT! The push and pull of Coley and Vance was spot on and made me feel invested in their budding relationship as well as excited by it. I have not read the first book in the series, Traditional Love, but the characters of Caine and Neely play central characters again in this one. Along with the incredible BITCH, Sara, who apparently lives to start trouble and cause chaos. I wanted to jump into the book and pimp slap her with the back of my hand and then smash her face into the nearest wall. Yea, she affected me that much, lol. I kept muttering under my breath nasty things I wanted to say to the conniving trouble maker.

I am now totally in the, I *heart* Alta Hensley fan club! If you like erotic romance heavy on the dominance and don’t mind a bit of public displays and the threat for spankings, then you will love Traditional Terms! Full of sexy situations that are sure to set your pulse pounding then calm you down with the slow precision in which Vance works Coley and teaches her about love.

I give Traditional Terms by Alta Hensley 4.50 stars!

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