Up A Dry Creek by Avery Flynn (Dry Creek #1)

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Type: Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Publisher: EverNight Publishing

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Dry Creek has been home to the Layton family for generations, a heritage Claire Layton and her brothers Hank, Chris and Sam all appreciate. Claire is a successful, though somewhat debt-ridden, restaurateur who minds her own business—literally. She has enough on her plate between an irascible chef, an abandoned sous-chef, and the pressure of running her highly praised eatery, Harvest Bistro. But when she discovers one of her customers dead in her dumpster, her world begins to unravel.

Even as her County Sheriff brother Hank and his team are still swarming the property looking for evidence, Claire receives a threatening call. It seems there’s a slight problem involving the dead young woman in the dumpster. She doesn’t have her phone and her flash drive with her. The killer makes it clear that Claire better find them by noon the next day or he’ll go after her and her entire family.

With the clock ticking, Claire searches for the missing items to no avail. Complicating matters is the arrival of Jake Warrick, a hotshot security expert hired by the dead woman’s father to find her killer. Claire’s trying her best to get Jake out of her restaurant when her Jeep goes up in flames. The noon deadline has passed.

Determined to find the killer and to keep her family safe, Claire refuses to back down, even as the murderer continues to terrorize her. Jake isn’t backing down either, and the tension between the two—sexual and otherwise—continues to mount. Jake has no intention of leaving Claire in danger—or of leaving at all before he gets to know her much, much better.

Clues, most leading nowhere, pile up, and the threads of the mystery are becoming still more complicated, even as the killer comes closer and closer to claiming his prize—and his prey.


The last thing Claire needs is a dead body in the dumpster behind her restaurant. Yet, that’s actually what she’s got. Now the killer is looking for the evidence the dead girl had and he’s threatening her family in order to get it. Add to that a suspicious PI with a killer body that keep glowering at her and asking annoying questions, Claire isn’t sure where to turn. She can’t tell anyone about the threats and she certainly can’t trust this man candy that claims to be working for the dead girls distraught family.

Jake knows he shouldn’t antagonize the feisty restaurant owner but somehow he can’t help himself. She stirs all is protective instincts and his annoying ones too. There’s is something about her that keeps him coming back for more. When his own family is threatened he knows he will have to betray her trust in order to protect his own. The fiery redhead that has worked her way into his heart may be the key to his undoing.


I loved this book! Claire and Jake together were just incredibly entertaining and made this a book that I flew through and got lost in the world of Dry Creek, Nebraska. Claire is a great heroine. She’s very drastic and she doesn’t stop to think of consequences before she does or says something. I saw a lot of myself in her actually because I’m pretty much the same way. Those that know me are shaking their heads in agreement right now. Anyway, so Claire is mouthy and has no problems telling Jake, or anyone for that matter, where they can take their opinions. She does now and thinks later which often leads to snarky diatribes that left me giggling at her boldness. Especially when those comments were lobbed at Jake. These two were worse then an old married couple. There were times I wondered how they were ever going to end up in bed if just the sight of each other was enough to turn a good mood to something sour. But just like my mom used to say, the boy that pulls your braids and annoys you the most generally likes you. Same situation, these two disliked each other but the sex was hot hot hot!

I enjoyed the push and pull but what I really liked was the suspense. It wasn’t a ton or overdone but there was enough threat to keep me from getting bored. I wanted to know more about what was going on and Avery does a excellent job of stringing the reader along with little tid-bits until the climax at the end. I honestly felt like I invested a lot into these characters, the reality of it and I loved this story from beginning to end! I also loved the insight into Claire’s family and am eagerly looking forward to reading the next book with her brother, Hank and her best friend Beth. Actually I’m hoping in addition to the next book, A Dry Creek Bed, Claire’s other two brothers get books as well. Write Faster Avery!!

I give Up A Dry Creek by Avery Flynn 4.5 stars!

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