Built 4 It by Daisy Harris (Love Bots #3)

Built For It by Daisy HarrisAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: M/M Zombie Erotic Novella

Publisher: Elloras Cave

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

When a riot erupts in Built4’s stein-building lab, the alpha stein, Kee, drags a sub­mis­sive young lab assis­tant Ben into his cage. Kee’s been study­ing the human. Ben’s sad eyes and the slen­der form call to Kee—urging him to equal parts lust and possessiveness.

Pris­oner to the alpha, Ben sur­ren­ders to the stein’s fierce deter­mi­na­tion and gen­tle seduc­tions. He’s long hated his job, feel­ing like a mon­ster for send­ing steins to their death, espe­cially once he’s seen intel­li­gence flick­er­ing in the alpha’s green eyes.

If Kee’s to escape his cage, he needs Ben’s help to learn about the world out­side the laboratory—a world full of peo­ple, sex, and expe­ri­ences and Kee’s only begin­ning to dis­cover.  And guilt-ridden over the things he’s done, Ben can only begin to for­give him­self if the alpha for­gives his sins first.


Kee knows a lot more than the scientists think. He can communicate with the other steins and even had an affair with his past cell mate. He feels emotions much stronger than they believe and Kee is slowly learning to behave as a human regardless of what they want. He is lonely since his cell mate was taken and he begins to watch the much smaller lab assistant Ben with interest. Ben looks at him differently than the others and while Kee doesn’t quite understand it, his body reacts to this human in ways it didn’t even react to his past lover.

Being a lab assistant has never bothered Ben, until he is asked to start picking steins to be put down. Something about that just seems wrong, even if they aren’t human. One in particular keeps catching his eye, Kee, the leader. He is more imposing than the others and the way he watches Ben unnerves him completely. He knows much then he voices and Bens blood heats at just the sight of his long, lean muscles.

When Ben is asked to terminate the rest of the remaining steins when the program gets shut down he has to make a quick decision.  Do as he’s told? Or risk everything for the male in the cage that watches him so fiercely?


Hmmmmm roughly 50 pages of smut filled, hunky goodness! I got to read this one back in its starter days. Yes, I checked with Daisy to make sure nothing was changed drastically. She assures me the version I beta read for her is pretty much the same as the published version. I have been a fan of her Love Bots series since the beginning. Her ability to take the zombie genre filled with grotesque images like The Walking Dead or Dawn Of The Dead and turn it into sexiness that makes me have the urge to scratch that proverbial itch is nothing short of amazing. I never thought I would love paranormal zombie romance, but I do, I really do. In fact there is nothing Daisy has published that I don’t love!

Built 4 It is a novella in her Love Bots series that focuses on the ever evolving love between Kee, a zombie, and Ben, the labs scientist assistant. When Kee was first brought to “life” he couldn’t speak, really couldn’t think on his own at all. Unbeknownst to Ben and the main scientist, he had been listening and learning. When the program gets shut down by the government Ben decides to get in touch with the Zombie Underground in order to save the steins from being put down. He is oddly attracted to the silent leader, Kee and doesn’t wish to do the dirty work of their destruction anymore.

Their relationship was just…sweet. Ben knows he is gay but is a virgin. Kee had some experience with another stein but is for all intents and purposes is a virgin himself. Kee is learning to behave as a human and so sometimes he comes off equally childlike and gentle. I liked his gentleness though and thought that was a nice addition since his body type is so opposing. By opposing I mean, Hulk-like :). Muscles upon muscles. Did horny females build him or something? Because DAYUM. In comparison Ben is much smaller. Together though, sparks fly and fireworks explode.

I loved the epilogue at the end giving the reader a bit of closure with this fast novella. Well thought out and executed, Built 4 It is a great quick read when you need a little something to spice up your night!

I give Built 4 It by Daisy Harris 4 stars! 

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