Twisted by Laura Griffin (Tracers #5)

Available: 4-17-12 Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Pocket

My Copy: Sent

Rookie detective Allison Doyle only has room in her life for one goal: to prove to everyone that she is every bit as capable as the men in her small-town Texas police department. But when a vicious murder sends shockwaves through her community, Allison finds herself at the epicenter of a bigger challenge than she ever imagined. Legendary FBI profiler Mark Wolfe arrives to consult on the case and puts forth a startling new theory—that the crime is not the handiwork of the police’s prime suspect, but of an elusive psychopath Mark has been hunting for more than a decade.

Teaming up with Mark puts Allison’s professional reputation—and her heart—in jeopardy, but she shoves these risks aside so she can tap into one of the FBI’s best assets. With Mark’s help, as well as the elite group of forensic scientists known as the Tracers, Allison uncovers the killer’s true identity. Or does she? As the net tightens around a psychopath, Allison begins to wonder if she and Mark have trapped a killer or become ensnared themselves….


Police detective Allison knows that she needs to prove herself if she is ever going to get the respect she deserves. Botching a gas station holdup and having to be rescued by an FBI agent is not the way to go about it. Mark is in town on the trail of a serial killer that he believes is loose in their town. Getting the local police to believe him is always an issue. No one wants a killer in their town. Allison thinks Mark may be on to something and together they plan on tracking down a killer that has been at large for years. With or without the help of the rest of the local police force. Finding a killer might be the easy part. Learning how to be in a relationship when both people are workaholics might be the biggest hurdle of all


Twisted is one of those books that once you open the first page you are just stuck till the last. I devoured this book whole and read it within a day. That almost never happens to me. I was so enraptured that I couldn’t put it down. Just like the last book, this one opens with a bang. Instantly you are in the killers sights and he isn’t the type to let you go once he’s got you. He is conniving, ruthless and incredibly cruel. Violently raping his victims and then slitting their throats and dumping the bodies. Then walking away like the women were trash. Being a woman…well being a HUMAN…I instantly felt the killers sinister personality. He snatches woman off running trails like he’s simply grabbing a piece of candy from a bowl. Lures them in with the story of a broken down van then proceeds to beat then half to death until he can get them to the van. The last place they see before they die. Locally I have a running trail where I live. Thousands of people use it every day. It spans miles and links cities together so die hard bicyclists, joggers and walkers don’t have to use the main roads. It’s incredibly convenient. And yet, it gives me the creeps sometimes and this book is exactly why.  There are times when there is no one but you on the trail. Most people these days have their ears filled with ear buds and loud music. Would you hear someone coming up behind you? Or maybe you come off the trail and he see a guy leaning into the engine of his car claiming to have car trouble. Would you hesitate when he asked to use your cell phone? would that little voice at the back of your head be telling you something isn’t right. Our main hero, Mark, is quick to point out that the brain gives you all kinds of signals when something feels “off”. The slight tremor or your hands. The rising of he hair on your neck. The fast beating of your heart. the key to survival is to never doubt your gut instinct or you may end up dead.

Mark and Allison smolder the entire book. This is classified as a romantic suspense but while there are a ton of looks, a few kisses and maybe even some fantasies, there isn’t much sex. These two work well together. Him as a FBI profiler and her as a rookie detective. I loved her tenacity and how she was so gung-ho about everything. I understood her wanting to proof herself worthy in a profession filled mostly with men. She often made mistakes that were silly and a direct result of her wanting so hard to prove herself worthy. Mark was the perfect match for her attitude. He was seasoned where she was green. Also, didn’t hurt you was fantastic looking. 🙂 I felt bad for his loneliness and wondered the majority of the book when he would notice that it was his own doing. He wanted to help everyone while not taking time for himself. That’s how good people burn out.

There were a couple of twists I didn’t see coming and that only gives it higher marks in my book. Predictability often sucks the joy out of things for me and it was nice not to see something coming. Twisted is an expertly written romantic suspense that is heart pounding and filled great characters! I even think those that just have a love for the suspense genre will enjoy this one!

I give Twisted by Laura Griffin 5 stars! 

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