An Affair With Mr. Kennedy by Jillian Stone

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Pocket Stone

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

London, 1887. Part stoic gentleman, part fearless Yard man, Zeno “Zak” Kennedy is an enigma of the first order. For years, the memory of a deadly bombing at King’s Cross has haunted the brilliant Scotland Yard detective. His investigation has zeroed in on a ring of aristocratic rebels whose bloody campaign for Irish revolution is terrorizing the city. When he discovers one of the treacherous lords is acquainted with his free-spirited new tenant, Cassandra St. Cloud, his inquiry pulls him unexpectedly close to the heart of the conspiracy—and into the arms of a most intriguing lady.

Cassie is no Victorian prude. An impressionist painter with very modern ideas about life and love, she is eager for a romantic escapade that is daring and discreet. She sets her sights on her dour but handsome landlord, but after she learns their meeting was not purely accidental, she hardly has a chance to forgive her lover before their passionate affair catapults them both into a perilous adventure.


Detective Zeno Kennedy only has a matter of time before a notoriously elusive bomb group strikes again. Standing in his way of finally finding out their identities is his new tenant, Cassandra. He knows she has connections within the group but can’t be sure if she is aware of who she associates with.

Cassandra knows her new landlord has questions for her but she can’t focus on those and her career as a artist too. She is determined not to fall into bed with a man again, no matter how much she desires to. Slowly, Zeno is wearing her defenses thin and she is finding herself with him more and more.

Zeno is going to need her help to catch those in which he seeks. If he happens to fall into her bed in doing so, well…neither of them are prudes.


An Affair With Mr. Kennedy was unlike any historical romance I have read to date. Normally I find historical romances to have female characters that are so prim and proper that they make me want to scream within the first couple of chapters . This one opens with a trip to a hospital in which women are lining up to use a machine that is geared toward calming the hysterical woman. A.k.a a mechanical orgasm producer. I found the whole scenario highly amusing. Not only that people actually used to believe that orgasms would keep women in line but also that they could cure some illnesses. I found it refreshing to find something like that in a historical that is typically wrote one way and one way only.

I also enjoyed the suspense aspect and the constant threat to Cassandra from a shadowy bomb group. Zeno made the perfect hero to Cassie’s adventurous spirit. They worked well together and I was always surprised by the situations they found themselves in. Zeno never seemed sure what her connection to the bomb group was but he also never truly suspected her of being a part of them either.

Cassies mother was the one character that stayed with me the longest after putting the book down. She was incredibly blunt and seemed so out of place for that day and age. I found myself snickering at her conversations with Cassie and in Cassies responses.

Having said all that I still had the same issue with this one as I do with a lot of historical romances. In between the good parts there seemed to be a lot of filler that I found to be hard to get through. I found myself wanting to skip the middle parts and get back to the parts where Cassie and Zak simmered, constantly wanting each other and being unable to deny themselves. I am glad to say though that those spots weren’t all that common. I liked how Cassie had the opportunity to help Zeno with his case by posing to be a high class, well, hooker. I found it amusing how well she fit into the role and what a good actress she was in the face of possible danger. She had a lot of spunk and I adored that about her.

I really wished the aspect of Zeno’s ex girlfriend would have been played up more. I thought that could have been executed much better. He had been thinking her dead for quite sometime before he finds her again and realizes she’s a part of the bomb issue.

An Affair With Mr Kennedy is still a refreshing addition to the historical romance genre.

I give An Affair With Mr Kennedy by Jillian Scott 3.50 stars!

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