The Last Night by Nico Rosso


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Type: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Carina Press

My Copy: NetGalley 

After a chain of earthquakes ravaged the globe, long-dormant viruses were released into the air, turning many humans into creatures with an appetite for human ashes. Erica and a group of survivors are barricaded in a half-destroyed hotel, and every day brings them closer to being devoured by the seemingly unstoppable ashers. Even though Erica is a fighter, she’s tired of just surviving…

When a mysterious stranger rides into town, everything changes. Jake knows how to kill the ashers, and he’s the only man brave enough to leave the safety of the hotel in search of a better life. Erica and Jake make a deadly fighting team, with even hotter sparks flying between them. But Jake has survived this long because he rides alone. He doesn’t trust easily, especially in this harsh new reality. Can Erica convince Jake that living is more than just surviving to the next day?


After the earthquakes there isn’t much left. Humans are a dying breed and in their place are ash eating monsters intent on killing the few surviving humans. Erica knows there has to be more than the crumbling hotel she and a few others are staying in. She sees thunder clouds and lightning in the distance. Where rain is, ashers won’t be and she knows she has to get to it somehow.

Jake has the knowledge to kill the monsters and he is willing to give this information to anyone that will trade with him. Running into these people in the hotel was a stroke of luck because he is running low on supplies himself. Setting eyes on the beautiful and defiant Erica isn’t something he planned on but he’s willing to stick around a few nights to see where it goes.

Together Erica and Jake are ready to take on the ashers, find her oasis, perhaps locate the human emotion love and find out how strong humanity really can be.



Wow…just wow! I loved the originality of The Last Night! I have never read such an interesting take on a post apocalyptic romance…ever. Not that I have read a ton, but you know. The starting of the book gives you the background that there have been huge earthquakes that have changed the shape of the land. After the initial quakes something happened to the humans. Many contacted what appeared to be an illness which turned them into fire starting, ash eating, zombies. These “ashers” are consumed by their need to eat ash so they set anything they can on fire, then shovel the remnants in their mouths. This includes the surviving humans as they apparently make a tasty ash snack.

All communication has been severed across the world. The few humans who are huddled inside a ramshackle hotel have no way of knowing what is outside their small haven, and honestly, they don’t seem keen on trying to find out either. Everyone that is except Erica. Every night Erica sees thunder clouds in the distance that prove rain still does fall. She wants to go there and find out but the distance is great and standing in between her and the maybe freedom is hundreds of ashers waiting to use her as a midnight snack.

When a stranger rides into town promising to tell them the way to kill the ashers Erica doesn’t dare to believe he might take her to the oasis on the horizon. She is surprised when she feels a flicker of lust and hope at his arrival. Both emotions she seems to have long ago locked away.   Jake seems to be the embodiment of a fighter though he harbors a lot of pain from his experiences right after the quakes. He is alone because he can’t seem to make connections anymore. Then he sees Erica fighting on a hilltop. She knows she can’t kill the ashers but she fights anyway. Jake realizes that she is what he has been searching for since the quakes. A fighter. Someone who still shines after so much carnage. He tells her the secret to killing the monsters and promises to take her across the desert to see about her oasis. These two seemed to click right away though to be honest Jake rubbed me the wrong way in the beginning. Wanting to “sell” his killing information. Though I did understand his need for supplies, I really hoped he’d access his humanity and just give the information freely. I doubt he would have had to ask for supplies in return anyway. Anyone possessing the knowledge of how to kill the ashers would have gotten anything he wanted anyway.

The scene in the rain…oh my people…wow. I was amazed at the depth of emotion Rosso seemed to be able to pull from his characters in such a short length of time. Really only 24 hours. Very emotional. Very hot. The problems were well thought out and feasible I thought for the story line. My only problem in post apocalyptic anything is that my brain refuses to just shut down and listen to the story. I do the same thing watching The Walking Dead on tv.  This is post apocalypse. There is no running water. A lot of times humans are holed up in some building that is still standing by the grace of God. These people have to be filthy. Disgusting. Smelly. And yet, adrenalin sends them into each others arms and sex becomes a given. Maybe I’m prissy. High maintenance. Whatever, but it kinda grosses me out.  I brush my teeth before I kiss my husband LOL. When I think of post apocalypse bodies I think of crotch rot and yeast infections running amok. Now, Rosso has me at least slightly covered in this one because he provides a few buckets of water in which to wash…and some rain to sprinkle over sweaty bodies….but still I keep thinking, I wonder how hard deodorant a toothpaste is to come by? Don’t even get me started on the bathroom situation and how there is no sewage pipes anymore. Plus these characters can’t just go dig a hole in the desert because that’s where the ashers are waiting to munch on them. See….brain….won’t….stop.

Getting past all that I found The Last Night to be very well written, completely original and incredibly entertaining! I loved it! Full of romance, zombies, and a story line that shines a light on the will of humanity, The Last Night has a full recommendation from me!


I give The Last Night by Nico Rosso 4.50 stars! 

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