This blogging thing is hard…

When I first set out to make a blog I figured it would basically be like an online journal. Except that everyone that happens upon this page would be able to read my thoughts. Therefore, I probably shouldn’t put EVERYTHING I think on the page…or else I would make some people very angry. So I started writing about whatever I could think of that might be a safe topic. Did a couple of book reviews and a few personal posts. I figured what better way to get some ideas about what to write about then to go to other people’s blogs. BIG MISTAKE. I saw cool links, pictures, sidebars and blogrolls. All things I did not have. I set about to put some different elements on my site to make it more visually appealing to those scrolling through. It literally took me days to figure out how to add a picture to a post. Then another day to figure out how to add a blogroll to my sidebar. Now that it’s up there I have no idea how I did it so adding anyone else is gonna be a day long event. I even had to tell a friend how to add her own blogroll, but I still couldn’t tell you how to change it now. This morning I decided to tackle pictures on my sidebar. After an hour of cursing at the “appearance” section of wordpress I just linked it from photobucket. I prevailed! I now have two book pictures on the sidebar that link back to the authors websites.

I am not a computer programmer, I do not understand code at all. My husband just looks at me like I have two heads when I ask him a question. He does not blog, he has no clue. I can feel my face breaking out at the stress from just my simple little blog page. Being a OCD person though makes me want to do it right. I don’t want simple, I want awesome-ness.

I also have no idea if I am supposed to ask if I can link to someone else’s site. I would guess they wouldn’t mind…more exposure for them, but I don’t want to upset anyone or do something I’m not supposed to. So I emailed the one author just to make sure. Do people worry about all these things? Or is this just me and my neurotic tendencies….

This was supposed to just be a plain ole online journal…hahahaha……

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