Tickle My Tush by Dr. Sadie Allison


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This smart new paperback helps women and men get past hang-ups to enjoy the underexplored seat of love. But rather than textbook-y descriptions of buttplay and anal sex, Dr. Sadie’s trademark tongue-in-cheek narrative, together with dozens of tasteful illustrations, clearly show how to enjoy these newfound thrills comfortably, safely and pleasurably.

From mild outercourse joys like sensual butt massage and gentle fingerplay, to the blissful orgasmic sensations of butt toys and innercourse, gals and guys will feel confident with the tips and techniques that dispel their fears and skyrocket their pleasures.

From the bestselling author of “Tickle His Pickle–Your Hands-on Guide to Penis Pleasing,” “Ride ‘Em Cowgirl Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking,” “TOYGASMS The Insider’s Guide to Sex Toys and Techniques” and “Tickle Your Fancy–A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure.”


Ok, everyone…today we are going to look at a book that is a bit different then anything I have reviewed before. One afternoon I got an email asking me to review a “how to” type sex book. Oh yes. After my initial dumbfounded stare at the computer screen I thought, what the hell. What could it hurt right? No pun intended. I was genuinely interested to see what this book had to offer.

I have said before I’m no prude. Sex is a big part of the romance reviewers world. I will even admit to trying a few moves I’ve read in books in my own bedroom. With the husband of course. He was pleased. Very pleased. Not with a guy named Sven who looks like he just busted out of a muscle magazine/playgirl issue/romance cover.

Upon looking in the Tickle Me Tush book I found a lot of plain speak and easy to follow illustrations that someone who may not be aware of the different positions could easily follow and learn from. I myself learned a few new names for things I didn’t know. Surfboarding, Moon Probe and Butt Buffer. Oh yes. Those are actual names for things. You can find everything from hygiene to strap ons in this little book. Any question you might have will be answered. Except for how to get your man to actually let you do ANY of this to him. I’ve asked around you see, and I have yet to find a man that would be comfortable having his back door probed under any circumstances short of him liking dudes. Oh sure, some of them are willing to do this to their wives or girlfriends. But one finger in the their butthole is a deal breaker. End of story. I showed the chapter on strap ons to my husband and his head almost exploded. He looked at some of the pictures and just shook his head. No lie. Maybe there are guys out there that are totally okay with it. I just don’t think I know any. Or maybe I just don’t know any that are willing to admit it. Either way.

So while this is great for couples looking to expand their horizons with something new, I have to err on the side that it is mostly for the females pleasure. Seasoned anal lovers probably won’t find anything in this book that they don’t already know. No huge mind blowing secrets here. The pages about toys was informative and gives pointers on how to figure out what you would be most comfortable with. The addition of the safety pages…condoms, comfortbility, and body maps was educational and even learned I thing or two. 🙂

I honestly think that male/male couples would really enjoy this book as well. Although again, probably geared more toward the newbies on the scene then those that have been practicing awhile.

Dr Allison also has self help books on self pleasuring, Bj’s and riding positions.

I give Tickle My Tush by Dr. Sadie Allison 3.50 stars!



  1. Thanks for the laughs about your husband’s head exploding. I hadn’t heard of this author, but I like any health information related in a fun, yet educational manner.

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