Sandman by Morgan Hannah MacDonald

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Type: Suspense/ Rom Suspense

Publisher: Self Pub

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Beware the SANDMAN he’ll put you to sleep. . .forever. 
A serial killer on the loose, a woman being stalked, and a homicide detective who must find the connection between the two before she becomes his next victim. 

He collects women. He imprisons them, plays with them, tortures them. Until they bore him. Then he removes a souvenir. They call him the Sandman. 

Meagan McInnis is being plagued with late night calls, yet when she answers, no one is there. Then one night she makes a grizzly discovery in her own backyard. 

The caller is silent no more. 

Homicide Detective, J.J. Thomas, realizes Meagan is the key to finding the Sandman. Now not only must he protect her, but he must find the connection between Meagan and the killer before she becomes his next victim.


With a serial killer on the loose, Detective Thomas knows he has no time to spare. The Sandman is escalating his kills and leaving tortured womens bodies for the cops to find up and down the coast of California. They all bare a striking resemblance to each other, long blonde hair and blue eyes. Though when he is done with them they barely look human.

Meagan thinks he her is stalking her. Hang up calls almost every night and strange occurances in her yard. She never once thinks the killer might be after her too. She doesn’t fit his profile at all with her curly red hair. The Sandman has set his sights on her though, and he wont give up till she is his…forever.


Oh, where to begin on Sandman. First off, from reading the blurb Sandman sounds like a romantic suspense huh? I guess in a way it loosely is, though the two main characters of Meagan and Thomas don’t actually meet until you’re 55% into the book. Kinda hard to connect the main characters emotionally on such short notice. Up till that point it was like reading two different books woven into one. It was odd to say the least.

Thomas is our hero. A cop that seems to be having a hard time getting over the death of his wife two years earlier. He is a functioning alchoholic. Runs himself ragged working cases and then goes home and drinks until he passes out. I get the distraught part, but I would have liked to see him at least be on the road to recovery on his own. Otherwise Meagan (when they finally meet) seems like a huge re-bound. He is working a case dubbed as The Sandman. A serial killer is stalking young women, all with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He tortures them in unspeakable ways before cutting their breasts off and letting them bleed to death. He then drops them on the beach for some unsuspecting innocent to find. Horrific, yes. In fact The Sandman was the best part of the entire book. What does it say when I think that?

Meagan is our heroine…and to be quite blunt, she is just to stupid to live. She has been getting hang up calls for months and recently they have increased tenfold. She doesn’t call the police even though she has seen her ex hanging around her house and outside her work. She figured it’ll just go away on its own. Seriously? Oh wait, it gets better. She also has a creeptastic boss that could be the poster boy for sexual harassment. He couldn’t possibly be behind it either right? She lets her dog out one night and he freaks out and starts growling into the night. The dog refuses to come back in the house resulting in her having to go outside and collect him from the backyard, growling into the darkness, in the middle of the night. Then her and her friends go out for her birthday dinner and she ends up hooking up with the lead singer of some band that was “singing just to her” who owns a chester the molester panel van. Now tell me…if you’re a young woman constantly getting threatening mouth breather phone calls and your dog is growling into the bushes outside your house every time he needs to pee, you’re just going to go hooking up with some dude you don’t even know just because he seems sweet? I don’t care if the van is for his band…I’m not going near some guy I don’t know with a flipping panel van. No thanks. Not with a serial killer being splashed all over the news. Within the span of a few chapters her and Mr “who knows his story” are in her house making out. Well gee, he seems so nice. That’s what they say say before their throats get slashed. All the while the phone calls are escalating every night. It gets better people…just wait. Megan gets woken up by her dog, Godzilla, a few nights later because he wants out. He takes off into the darkness and she goes back to bed with the back door standing wide open…the chick goes to sleep! Perv-o then sneaks through her wide open door and proceeds to jack himself off over her bed while she’s sleeping. For reals? When she finds her dog dead in the backyard the next morning, throat slit ear to floppy ear, I’m not surprised in the least. At least the cops were called at this point but they really don’t seem to care about the calls or the dead dog. All the while Meagan keeps seeing Mr band guy but he dissapears for a few days at a time and doesn’t call. One night she gets a phone calls where mouth breather actually says something in some kind of creepy mechanical voice. He tells her he left her a present. That would be the head of her friend on the back patio. So, because its a murder guess who FINALLY gets to meet our heroine? Oh yeah, 55% in and Thomas and Meagan meet! Thomas actually thinks this in one paragraph:

 “It seemed that the woman had a stalker who’d been tormenting her for weeks. First with phone calls in the middle of the night. The the morning before she found her dog murdered. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she discovered the decapitated head of her friend in the back yard”

I know right? Do you know how hard it is to get blood off patio furniture.  You can’t! It just soaks on in there and you can’t get it off. The poor woman is gonna have to buy new furniture now. I mean, the least the killer could have done was put the head in the grass so the blood would soak into the ground. Inconsiderate killer.

Up till this point we’ve heard all about Thomas running up and down the coast with his partner Shadowhawk looking at different leads from all the past murders The Sandman has racked up. For a suspense…great….fine. For a romantic suspense, yeah I don’t care, get to the point already. Shadowhawk uses the phrase “Holy Crap Batman” and I want to throw my Kindle across the room. I would think at some point the FBI should have been called for a serial killer spanning several counties up and down the coast of Cali over several years..but whatev.

So….Meagan and Thomas meet which means the story better speed the hell up because we only have 40% to go. The case falls together quickly. All the while Meagan making completely boneheaded mistakes like telling people where she is hiding out. The heat level between the two that I am somehow supposed to believe is palatable after Meagan was making out with band boy simmers quickly. Pretty soon they are having sex and to be honest with you I’m done. There were times I was hoping The Sandman would swoop in and just be done with Meagan too.  Thomas is completely over his wife and hung up on Meagan. He even hears his dead wife in his head telling him it’s okay to move on. what she should have said was “all it took was one hot redhead in distress for 2 days to get you to forget me and move on? You’ve been crying over me for two years and you suddenly snap out of it? MEN!”

The climax was decent. The Sandman himself creepy and great. The rest of the story? No thanks.

I give Sandman by Morgan Hannah MacDonald 1.50 stars

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