Rawhide Angel by Sayde Grace (Built Cowgirl Tough #3)

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Type: Erotic Romance Novella

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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With her father’s gambling debts about to ruin the family ranch, Saige Thomely is determined to do whatever or whomever it takes to cover the debts. Unfortunately for her, one man is a sure bet, the one cowboy she’s tried to ignore for six months. The same cowboy who makes her body and heart flame to life with each look. Saige is prepared to offer herself in exchange for the money to cover the debts, but what she’s not prepared for is losing her damaged heart to another cowboy.

Night after night, for half a year, Chet Haskins has dreamed of having the blonde and sexy as sin Saige Thomely in his bed, writhing under him. At long last his dreams might become reality, only Chet’s heart wants more than just a few nights of steamy sex. But will the ghost of past relationships come between them? Or can Chet show the passionate Saige he’s truly the one to save her ranch and her heart?


It’s been years since Saige has felt her heart pound with lust. Still recovering years after the death of her fiance, Saige doesn’t want to open herself up again. In the face of huge financial struggles Saige has no choice but to offer her services to Chet for two weeks. Just two weeks and nothing more.

Chet has wanted Saige in his life and in his bed for a long time. When she approaches him about her financial problems he knows he can’t turn her down. She doesn’t need to know he’d do it without the perks either. He has two weeks to make the girl of his dreams fall for him hard.


Rawhide Angel has been on my “to read” list for a long time. Even before Sayde wrote it! I read the first two books in this series about a year ago..maybe longer (time runs together these days) and I was eagerly anticipating Saige’s story. Poor Saige was living in the past with her fiance who had died in a rodeo accident a few years before. She was completely closed off. Having been through something similar I could relate. The fear of opening yourself back up because what it if happened again? What if the next person was taken from you too? The constricting fear has made Saige unable to move past his death.

Chet is a character that has popped up in the last two books as a supporting person. He actively participated in a three-way in the first book with Billie and Bo. Hot, let me tell you! I was waiting to find out what made him tick. He is cocky to a fault but underneath he is this incredibly caring man who would do anything for those he loves. Which is remarkable since both his parents are horrible people  who care more about money and power than humanity. He really proves himself worthy of her with his generosity in helping Saige out even when she doesn’t ask. A bit high handed at times sure, but I do like my men to be authoritative.  🙂

Rawhide Angel is on the kinky side and also involves a three-way with Chet’s friend Avery. Ah, if only a three-way would solve a broken heart in the real world huh? Because a girl could get down with that. In a romance book world though, they can…and that’s just another reason why I love romance books. Sayde Grace can write some kinky kinky smut and I absolutely LOVE IT!

The best part though? The emotional connection I feel between the characters. In little time, Grace manages to make me invest in her characters. I never feel slighted in the length department (snicker snicker) when it comes to one of her novellas and that speaks for her abilities.

Saige and Chet together just…works. It’s hot…it’s raw and the best is it’s tender. Rawhide Angel is a wonderful erotic novella and fans of the genre need to read this series!

I give Rawhide Angel by Sayde Grace 4 stars!


  1. Awesome review! I adore Sayde and her writing. I’ve been privileged to read some of it before it hits the outside world and I’m always impressed with her way with making us feel the emotions of her characters. To say nothing of the great sex scenes.

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