One Night Steined by Daisy Harris (Love Bot #4)

Available: Now Ellora’s Cave/ Allromance

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

My Copy: Sent

Kuriko Mai is a stein with an issue. She never remembers sex. Nor does she recall meeting the men she finds in her bed. Cursed with flawed programming, she’s all but given up hope of having a normal life. However, after years of watching her suffer, her boss Frank can’t stand it anymore, and he’s determined to make her remember any way he can.

Frank has always loved Kuri. And when he finds himself in a heated embrace with her, he can’t walk away—even knowing she may not remember him in the morning. But when it’s obvious Kuri recalls moments of the passion they shared, the two decide to become lovers in hopes Frank holds the key to ending her malfunctioning programming. Their plan backfires when their erotic experience opens a floodgate of memories so painful, Kuri breaks down.

In order to move forward, Kuri has to face her past. She just doesn’t know if she can risk the pain loving Frank could cause.


Frank and Kuri have managed to work together for years without Frank confessing his feelings for her. Kuri has no idea that he has longed to get his hands on her but knowing her vulnerability, has refrained. Now that Kuri is once again glitching into her original prostitute ways, Frank knows he needs to convince her of a full hard drive re-set to finally allow her to live a normal life but convincing her of that is an entirely different set of problems. Especially when while glitching they come together in a firestorm of pent up passion and aggression that she has no memory of the following morning.

When a horrific memory from her past does surface Kuri does the only thing she knows how to do. Run. Will the connection she has managed to forge with Frank be able to withstand the test of the distance she has put between them?


One Night Steined is Daisy Harris’ fourth love bots novella based on re-animated humans that are part zombie, part super computer. Each “stein” being at the mercy of whatever programming their maker installs into their hard drives. These steins can learn to do anything with the right programming, but on the flip side you can also stunt them dramatically.

Kuri was re-animated to be a prostitute and so even though she had been re-programmed many times, she glitched back into that persona every so often. Waking up and not remembering why there was a man in her bed or what she did the previous night was obviously hard on her. Though I had a hard time connecting with her. I’m not sure if Daisy just didn’t get the feelings across to me effectively or if I just had an overall problem with her character. I liked her on a fundamental level and up until towards the end (which I will get to in a minute) I really didn’t have any major issues with her.

I adored Frank! Even though he was completely possessive and treated the other steins working for him as children most of the time, I thought his heart was in the right place.  Yeah he got a bit moody and yeah it was his way or no way but he was still this formidable alpha male that had a fractured past that I wanted to know more about. I didn’t even mind his body which was made up of different people all of which were not the same skin color as whatever he originally was. He was stoic but he had this fragile side that stemmed from him wanting someone in his life and not being able to ask for it. He seemed to want to fix everyone and so I felt for his loneliness.

My main issue with this book was about 3/4 of the way in Kuri all of a sudden did a personality flip that left me reeling. She did this on her own, not by being reprogrammed. I think had she been reprogrammed I might have actually been okay with it. Kuri recovers a traumatic experience from her past after a hot and sweaty night with Frank and she runs from him. Simply can’t deal. Then she takes charge of her own life in another city, gets a job, a car, ect  and decides she misses Frank but can’t work with him. All understandable. However from a person that I didn’t have much time to get to know (novella) and from the same character that has let someone else run her life for so long, such a dramatic 180 was surreal to me. I didn’t believe it.

There is a bit of an epilogue at the end but honestly it just made me feel weird. We see Kuri in her new role in life and it just reinstated my weirded out feelings at her sudden assertiveness. I find that in each series there is usually at least one that I don’t connect with. And even though I found Franks humpability was off my charts, I just didn’t like Kuri. I wanted more of a transition (which can be hard to pull off in a novella) and less of a dramatic change.

I give One Night Steined by Daisy Harris 3 stars

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