Hart’s Destiny by Kimberly Adkins

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Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Black Lyon

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A deadly inheritance born of passion …

Jessica’s return to her small hometown is about to get hairy. A chance encounter with Jackson Hart in the days before her friend’s wedding seems coincidental – until she stumbles upon the Hart family’s mysterious ties to the bride. Coincidence and fate may prove one and the same as Jessica struggles to protect her heart from Jackson and her friends’ lives from unbelievable danger.

… and a secret taken to the grave.

Leader of a prominent wolf-shifter clan, Jackson was thrust into power under the most mysterious of circumstances. His rule tenuous, father dead, and brother estranged, he can’t risk revealing family secrets to a beautiful stranger. He can’t remember a time when he’d lost control of his desires – the only thing more deadly would be losing control of his clan to the enemy Dark Breed.


Jackson knows who he wants and that person is Jessica. Though it is expressively forbidden for a vampire of his stature to mate with a human, he can’t seem to stop his body from the primal reactions that occur when she is near. In a attempt to keep her safe he tries to put her off, tries to tell himself she couldn’t possible be the one. He should be focusing on the continuation of his line, not some human who seems to bring more trouble every time she’s around.

While Jackson seems to want to give her choices, Jessica knows she wants him too. Though being a loyal friend and knowing he is betrothed to her friend really slows her down. When long held secrets are exposed and Jessica becomes the fixation of a old foe, Jackson will have to make a decision. Keep Jessica forever, or force her away so that she never returns.


Kimberly Adkin’s newest release follows a family bent on preserving the legacies that they hold dear, no matter what the cost. I really enjoyed Jackson’s character. He was a solid character that stayed true to his long lived life. He had mannerisms that I would expect from someone that has seen so much. Jackson was a torn character between what he wanted and what he needed. The expectation that he could single handedly preserve his clan gave him a lot of weight to carry around.

My main concern with this novel was the heroine,  Jessica. As a character I liked her at the beginning. She’s very independent and when it comes to her friends shes like a rabid dog with a bone. No one is getting to them unless they go through her first. Though she is attracted to Jackson upon seeing him the first time she manages to put her friends first again and again. My problem with her came with the progression of her character thoughout the novel. By the end of the book her speech seemed awkward and weird. It’s as if  the author had a hard time switching from Jackson with his old world feel, to Jessica who is completely from the modern world. Her conversations seemed to be more and more jilted as the novel progressed and it really put me off her character quickly. Modern women simply don’t talk like she did.

Jackson and Jessica together? I enjoyed the love story that transpired with them but I never felt the amount of heat I think Adkins was trying to portray. That’s probably a direct result of my problems with Jessica though. I also think since Jackson couldn’t separate mating for life and sex, he and Jessica didn’t actually get anywhere for quite a long time in the book. Had the book been shorter, I might have felt differently because there wouldn’t have been so much time in between everything. I admired his ability to control himself though and not push her into something she’d really have no way out of once it was done.

I liked the story line of a family trying their best to continue their survival but I felt the book suffered from too much story. This could have easily been cut back to a shorter novel or perhaps even a long novella. It dragged in spots and I did skip forward a few times waiting for something to happen. Some of the information given in the world building should have been spread through several books because all at once as it was felt like too much to me.

I had some trouble with this one but at it’s heart, it’s a good paranormal romance that just needed a bit less substance within the pages for the beginning of a series.

I give Hart’s Destiny by Kimberly Adkins 3 stars! 

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