Over The Moon- Anthology

This book came to me from a contest win awhile back.  I believe it came from Jinxie . At least I think it did. So much has been going on and my mind sadly isn’t as strong as it once was. I am fairly certain that’s where it came from. She is awesome by the way…check her out!

From Amazon:

Knight’s sexy and exciting “Moon Dance”-first in this uneven new paranormal romance anthology-features Direkind werewolves from her Mageverse (vampires, witches and werewolves created by Merlin to protect humanity). An aristocratic werewolf runs away from her arranged marriage to a brutish Alpha and into the arms of a lower-caste “made” werewolf; she’ll gain her freedom only if he impregnates her. Next is Kantra’s ethereal “Between the Mountain and the Moon,” an Eros and Psyche story of a young woman lost while camping and rescued by a mysterious man with ulterior motives-and a bone to pick with a vengeful Queen. In “Driftwood,” Davidson cleverly merges her Wyndham Werewolf and Undead series when a lone wolf stumbles upon a vampire in a deep ditch at the beach. Erotic romance newcomer Sunny’s “Mona Lisa Three,” a clumsy sequel about a Mixed-Blood Queen and her guards/lovers, proves difficult to follow without its complicated setup (in this year’s Mona Lisa Awakening), and the sizzling menage a trois action could turn off romance readers.

I have been reading a ton more anthologies than I have in the past! I haven’t read a standalone book from any of these authors, but after this I certainly will. I find that when I read anthologies there is usually one or sometimes two stories that stand out. In this book the stand out story was definitely Driftwood by Mary Janice Davidson. Picture me parked in the school parking lot waiting to pick up my kids, and snorting loudly with laughter. Weird Ohio weather made it possible to roll the car windows down at the end of October making my giggling easy to hear. Yeah, I got some crazy looks. The story centers around a male rogue werewolf and a loner female vampire. The conversations between these two had me giggling nonstop. Burke Wolftaur (yeah a werewolf named Wolftaur) is so laid back, so duhhhhhhhhhh and Serena Crull is so in your face, girrrrrrlllll no you didn’t! Yeah do you get me? It’s hilarious. I will be picking up one of her full length books as soon as I can!

Moon Dance by Angela Knight was also incredibly good. This was a fast paced novella about werewolf politics. Seems they are just as cut throat as human politics. Go figure. Elena is being forced to marry her biggest nightmare, a werewolf by the same of Stephan. He is vicious and will stop at nothing to impregnate Elena to further their pure blood lines. Only one other alpha can stand up against him. A turned human and cop, Lucas. Lucas is most definitely all alpha and when approached for help by Elena he vows to protect her. The sex is hot and the action is intense. It was over way to quickly for me.

Between The Mountain and The Moon by Virginia Kantra had me torn. I felt there was a too much back story and other realm politics, which made the story hard to follow. While the main characters certainly connected in the hidden hot spring, I as the reader wasn’t feeling it. The world she portrayed was well done but the interactions left me slightly cold. I haven’t given up on Kantra though. She has some mermaid shifter stories that I have had my eye on for a while.

The last novella in the book is Mona Lisa Three by Sunny. This  is a story of a mix blood queen looking to take her place among the hierarchy of her people. The entire novella I felt like I was missing something…like understanding. I didn’t understand what was going on half the time…until people starting taking their clothes off. I give her credit for writing a menage scene that I had yet to read before. However, I felt completely unconnected to the rest of the story. From reading the Amazon setup I gather this is a sequel. Based  on this one though I will probably just let it lie….and look for something else by the author to try.

All in all Knight’s and Davidson’s stories are a reason to pick this one up!

I give Over the Moon 3 stars!


  1. I did look them up on amazon after reading her short story in the book…I agree…I think I will most def like them 🙂 I love when authors add a bit of comedy in. The conversations in her short sounded so much like something I myself would say…perhaps that’s why I found it hilarious? LOL

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