Jaime’s Merman by Daisy Harris (Urban Merman #1)

Available: Now Amazon/Siren

Type: Gay Erotic Short

Publisher: Siren

My Copy: Sent

When a Seattle bartender finds a horny merman in Lake Washington, he tries to be kind and let him down easy. Jamie’s sick of taking home strays, and the needy merman pushes all his buttons. But when Jamie gets rejected by a longtime crush, he falls prey to the merman’s wide-eyed adoration and killer body. 

But the selkie, Marin, has ulterior motives. He wants Jamie to help him impregnate his fertile wife, and soon Jamie’s dragged into a situation he hadn’t bargained for. Can Jamie get over his need to take care of every charity case that crosses his path? And can Marin man up and be the lover Jamie needs? Find out in Jamie’s Merman!


What Jaime needs is a boyfriend that isn’t down on his luck. No more of these guys who take all his money, his heart, and then leave. The last thing he needs is a merman who isn’t even out of the closet. Marin may be good looking but he’s got a whole bag full of issues and no where to lay them down at.

Marin just wants to be who he is at heart. Though never having been with a man before makes him incredibly needy and Jaime isn’t sure the killer body is worth all the hassle it presents. Jaime and Marin will have to find a middle oasis if they are ever truly to have a shot.


Jaime’s Merman is a erotic m/m romance from Daisy Harris featuring a horny merman who just wants a little lovin. Bow chicka wow wow! Ok, seriously, I’m not sure I can take this seriously. Jaime’s Merman was so over the top, so out there that I found myself shaking my head during the 90 min it took me to read it. I can get down with some m/m romance. I can even enjoy mermen/mermaids because I love the other mere series Daisy has. I’m not sure if it was the length that bothered me, the lack of relationships, or just a bit of everything.

This was just a bit to short for my tastes. Because of the length there was no real relationship build up between Jaime and Marin. Within five minutes of Marin swimming up to Jaime’s boat in the middle of the bay, Jaime is allowing Marin to get himself off while he watches. I mean, whaaaaa? Jaime doesn’t even know him. He’s a merman for God’s sakes.Something Jaime had never even knew existed. But hey when you need to pleasure yourself, you just need to I guess. Jaime spends a lot of time ogling Marin’s body which I found funny because when they first meet he basically thinks he’s ugly. He then goes back and forth with himself about what he wants, when he wants it and even if he likes Marin or just the sex.

Marin just wants to be gay. Punishable by death in his society he is supposed to mate with a pre-picked female to produce offspring. Problem is he can’t because he wants something she just can’t give *wink wink nudge nudge*…..and she apparently wants a human. So what does she do? Sleep with Jaime’s human and straight room mate within maybe five seconds of meeting! These are just some horny fish.

So way too short, no believable relationship buildup, off the wall horniness and a human that is constantly changing his mind. This just didn’t work for me.

I give Jaime’s Merman by Daisy Harris 2.75 stars

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