Misbegotten Gaines by Camryn Rhys

Available: Now

Type: Erotic Romance Novella

Publisher: Decadent

My Copy: Sent

Kyle Harris lands a job as the new chef at the Misbegotten Gaines Ranch just in time for the launch of their new Singles’ Trail Ride. When his new boss, the alluring Jamie Gaines, mistakenly believes him to be married, he goes along with the ruse to keep his job. But things start to heat up between them and Kyle has to choose between losing his job and letting Jamie get away.


No one needs to know Kyle is actually divorced right? He needs this new chef job at the Misbegotten Ranch and if it hinges on him being married so he doesn’t want to flirt with the staff or the paying customers, so be it. Upon first seeing the ranch owners sister, Jamie, he knows he’s in a lot of trouble. Her flawless ebony skin begs for the his touch and those jeans she wears molds to every curve on her body. Jamie isn’t looking for love. Scheming to get her friend’s job as ranch chef back so vows to do ANYTHING it takes. If that includes seducing Kyle, it might not be such a hardship.


Welcome to erotic foodie romance everyone! Didn’t know it was a sub-genre? Well, now you do 🙂 and Camryn Rhys does it oh so well! Misbegotten Gaines is a family ranch that tailors to singles excursions on the trails. Striving to find that special someone for each of their guests. The one rule of the ranch? The employees are off limits. To guests and to each other. Which makes things even more difficult for the new ranch chef, Kyle when he sees ranch co-owner Jamie. When he was interviewed for the position after the last chef hooked up with one of Jamie’s brothers, he was still married. Being taken made him more attractive for the job since he’d be less inclined to stray from the rule of the ranch. Only problem is that since the interview he’s been divorced and is now on his own.

The chemistry between Jamie and Kyle is palatable right from the beginning. Each trying to control themselves while looking their fill when the other has their back turned. I liked Jamie’s loyalty to her friend even though said friend was a mooch and totally using her. However misjudging she was with her friends character, it was so nice to see that level of loyalty. Though I must say, when her friend is telling Jamie to sleep with Kyle so he’ll get fired by Jamie’s strict brother I wondered what exactly the friend would have to do to get Jamie to see her duplicity. Jamie seems like a smart girl and yet she doesn’t bat an eye when her friend is basically whoring her out. Though the inner workings of her mind tell her how wrong that would be and as she starts to having feelings for Kyle she comes to the conclusion on her own that she just can’t hurt him that way.

I appreciated Kyle’s attempt at restraint in regards to Jamie and thought the smoldering between them was extremely well wrote. Especially since he was supposed to be a married man. I loved the food aspect. I mean come on…good sex AND food? My version of heaven right there. Kyle is part chef and part cowboy and I found him scrumptious. I cringed right along with him when his devious ex shows up though I expected much more on her part then what we got. He talks her up to be pretty nasty and yet she ends up being semi protective of him in regards to Jamie’s mis-handling of their relationship. You know, when she wasn’t flaunting her…errr assets with every male within breathing distance.

The end felt abrupt and not finished. Everything wrapped up way to quickly. There will be two more in this series, most likely dealing with Jamie’s two brothers, so I wonder if we will get a better HEA for Jamie and Kyle within the other novellas. I hope so.

Misbegotten Gaines is a solid erotic romance full of yumminess both on the food and the man front. Emotionally charged and a highly entertaining read!

I give Misbegotten Gaines by Camryn Rhys 3.75 stars!

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