The Demon Hunter by Lori Brighton (The Hunter #2)

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Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Self Pub 

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Ellie has always been different, from playing with fairies as a child to fighting demons as an adult. She grew up wondering why no one else seemed to notice the oddities of the world that she came into contact with on a daily basis. When she is the only witness of a demon attack and the police suspect her, Ellie skips the country heading to England where she plans to keep a low profile. Everything is going fine, until Devon appears, stumbling around her garden like a drunken fool, and completely naked no less.

Six months ago Devon sacrificed himself to bind the soul of a demon and save the world from certain destruction. Thanks to a spell gone awry, Devon is back. But Devon hasn’t come alone. The very demon he tried to destroy has returned and is wreaking havoc on earth. When Devon meets Ellie, he instantly recognizes another supernatural being. Ellie may just be the only person who is strong enough to destroy the demon, if the demon doesn’t destroy her first.


The Demon Hunter picks up a few months after the shocking ending of The Ghost Hunter. There was quite a bit of time between novels so those of you that have read The Ghost Hunter may want to go back and refresh yourself with specifics and I wouldn’t recommend reading this one without first reading that one. I found that I had trouble remembering things from the first book and had to stop a few times to figure out what was going on.

The book opens with Ashley and Cristian trying to reverse a spell that trapped their friend Devon’s soul in with a demon after he sacrificed himself to save the world. Trying to send each to the afterlife they unwittingly release Devon’s soul and that of the demon they had fought so hard to entomb , back to earth. Devon is ripped back to this world with a hazy memory and no strength. He stumbles onto his families land, now owned by a crotchety old man who treats the estates employees like the dirt he sees them as. Ellie works on the grounds as a historical tour guide and fearing losing her job tries to calm Devon down before the owner sees him. Since Ellie gets blamed for all the strange occurrences that have started happening since she was hired, she knows this will be the last straw.

Ellie really doesn’t understand why things happen around her, they just always have. When Devon convinces her to take him to find Ashley and Cristian she learns things about herself and her nature she thought she never would. Thrown into the middle of a demon/hunter war she acclimates quite well. Not one given to hysterics Ellie finds a strength in herself she didn’t know existed and along with that strength a capacity to love that is unfathomable.

I loved Ellies transformation from beginning to end. She is a very strong character, used to being on her own and yet she has this tenderness about her. This yearning to belong. She found a place to call home within her new powers. She may still have been an outsider but she was no longer alone and so I could understand her ability to accept things so readily. Devon, though arrogant, felt the same way. He was torn though between wanting to go home to heaven and staying with the angel he found within Ellie. Did I mention he’s a yummy angel warrior? *Le sigh* There is something sacrilegious about finding an angel hot, probably why I enjoy it so much heh. Devon was stuck in the past since that was when he was raised. It was fun to watch him try to adapt while still maintaining his upbringing. Chivalrous and protective, two traits I love in a hero. Together these two made an unstoppable couple. Capable of even saving the human race, one more time.

Lori Brighton is probably one of my favorite authors ever. Her writing is descriptive enough for a complete picture without it seeming daunting or boring. She sprinkles each novel with enough action to keep your pulse pounding and heat to make you fan yourself. I’ve enjoyed each and every book I’ve had the pleasure of reading!

I give The Demon Hunter by Lori Brighton 4 stars! 


  1. I have The Ghost Hunter already, just have to find time to read it so that I can enjoy this one! Thank you for the great review, Nikki! 🙂

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