Airship Seduction by Camryn Rhys

Airship Seduction by Camryn RhysAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Steampunk/Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Sacha Camomescro, an Empath demon with an airship, is rescuing refugees from Victorian Europe’s war on magic when she meets a man unlike any other. Javier Vargas is a lone alpha werewolf, his pack nearly decimated by assassins, his appetite for justice superseded only by his desire for her.

But Sacha’s gift is also her curse. While reading minds is helpful in eluding the assassins sent by Europe for Progress, it cripples her ability to trust men, and enjoy sex, for she can always see the fantasies men have when they’re with her. But Javier has a single-minded focus when it comes to his pursuit, and he wants her.

Just when it seems she can trust him, Sacha’s crew starts getting picked off mid-flight, and it seems there’s a rabid animal at fault. Javier and his lone remaining pack member fall under suspicion, and in the hysteria, Sacha begins to lose control of her mission. Blindsided by passion, she must decide if she can trust the one man who wants her just as she is.


I think I have a love/hate relationship with steampunk. No, wait, I take that back. I think I have a love/I don’t understand what’s going on relationship with steampunk. When I love it, I love it. Nothing more. Anything else leaves me confused and I wonder if it’s me, the book, the author….a combo of the two.

Airship Seduction wasn’t “not good”. In fact I liked it mostly. I liked the characters of Sacha and Javier (ok I tingle when I say Javier, I will admit it). I even loved the airship itself. It was more of a pirate ship then what I would typically think of when I think airship. More like Pirates Of The Caribbean instead.

I think where this one lost me a bit was the massive undertaking of story line. There is so much going on. An entire world is built, a few little side stories…it was a lot. It lost me quite quickly and I felt like I couldn’t wrap my mind around everything that was happening. This could have easily been two books in my mind. Because it was so daunting, I felt it lost a bit of its edge and while I wouldn’t say it dragged, I’d say I was overwhelmed. I wish there would have at least been a prequel to maybe break the readers into the world and the shadowy figures that exist there.

I did enjoy the steampunk-y gadgets that made an appearance. Especially the earpiece that Sacha wore to instantly translate languages into English. I want one of those! It certainly came in handy for the empath demon since she can also read people’s thoughts and since people tend to think in the language they speak in…would have made her job so trying to figure out the killer among them quite a bit harder.

Javier is a werewolf, the last of his clan after a massive attack took the lives of everyone else. He’s strong, deadly and completely loyal to those he loves. When he sets his sultry sights on Sacha nothing will stop him from possessing her.

So, I had a bit of an issue with the mounds of content, but I enjoyed the characters and the heart of the story line. I think lovers of steampunk will enjoy this one for its originality!

I give Airship Seduction by Camryn Rhys 3 stars! 

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