College Boys by Daisy Harris

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Type: Gay Romance

Publisher: Bookstrand

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When soccer star Chris Fischer moves next door to an openly gay classmate, he doesn’t realize the wall between their rooms will be so thin he’ll hear his neighbor’s every move. But soon he and Peter become friends, and Chris is intrigued—imagining what happens on the other side of the wall.

Active on the Queer Student Council, Peter Cohen wishes he wasn’t so damn hot for his straight neighbor. He can’t tell if Chris is flirting or in denial or what, but Chris’s innocent overtures lure Peter into flirtation that throws his world into chaos. Peter doesn’t want to date a closet case, but he desperately, passionately wants Chris.

Soon Chris must choose whether to run away from his new feelings or embrace a relationship with the guy he loves. And Peter must decide if he can give his heart to a guy who hasn’t yet figured it all out.


With the death of his mother in the forefront of his mind, Chris knows e needs a change. Moving into a single dorm room seems like a great idea to help clear his mind. Until he finds out that his new neighbor is the all gay all the time, Peter, who Chris can’t seem to stop thinking about.

Peter has always wondered if Chris was gay but if the boy wasn’t out of the closet on his own Peter sure wasn’t going to out him. The last thing Peter needs is a hot neighbor that throws off the gay vibe but refuses to acknowledge it.

As Chris deal with new found feelings for Peter he will have to decide how far he is willing to go in order to finally feel like he fits in. Can the love of one man be enough to heal all the hurt that Chris has felt for so long?


College Boys is a wonderfully sexy and poignantly emotional read that I enjoyed from start to finish. It’s a coming out story a long time in the making for Chris who hasn’t quite figured out that he is gay…except for the one time spooning with the openly gay Peter in a tent at a college orientation. After the death of his mother Chris is left afloat in a sea of conflicting emotions. In order to clear his head he moves out of the room he shared with his friends and into a single on the other side of campus. His new neighbor? Peter.

As Chris spends more time with Peter he is slowly starting to realize that the reason he felt he never fit in was because he didn’t. There are a few steamy scenes I never saw coming. Like the “through the wall” masturbation scene. Holy hotness. With Chris slowly becoming used to his feelings the rendezvous start taking place closer and closer together until they find each other actually together. Poor Peter put up with some BS as Chris adjusted to his gayness and the idea that he needed to come out. The thing I liked the most about the sex scenes is that they were more emotional than physical. More about exploring new sensations and feelings then pounding into each other in a rabid manner.

I do believe this is the best yet from Daisy Harris! She combines vivid characters with real life situations in a flawless way that is sure to make you keep reading. If you’ve ever wondered what happens after those Abercrombie models grace the covers of their ads…well, I think College Boys is the answer. And even if I felt just a bit like a dirty old woman reading about the hot college boys, I enjoyed every dirty little word!

I give College Boys by Daisy Harris 4 stars! 

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