My Big Honking RT Post

Hey everyone! So I know most everyone knows, but I got an amazing opportunity to go to the huge RT convention in Chicago recently. First and foremost I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU (even though I said it profusely to her while attending the convention…seriously, I gushed) to the awesome Cherry Adair for making it happen. She is the most humble, lovely, gracious, wonderful woman I have ever met. The woman would give the coat off her back to a person in need….and she has. So anyway, thank you yet again for allowing me to be your guest for the weekend. You truly, don’t know what it means to me.

You know there isn’t one pic with everyone in it?? DAMN! Here we are with Cherry:

Ok…enough gushy gushy! RT, for a person like me (who doesn’t like crowds) RT can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many events and so many people that it is seriously impossible to fit everything in. I missed so many people that I wanted to see! There just wasn’t enough time in my two days to get to everyone. Even as liquored up as I was a girl needs to sleep!  I went in with a group of 8 ladies….and roomed with 3 of them. Never met them, had only talked online and well, that just spells disaster right? Four women that don’t get along stuck in a hotel room for 2 days. That’s a newspaper headline waiting to happen right there. Sleeping with a stranger? Generally I say no to that. Unless maybe that stranger happen to be the guy in the next picture. Turns out Maureen (from Bitch Can Write A Book)  and I got along perfectly. We even spooned a bit in the bed. *wink wink* In fact we all got along perfectly. It was like the cosmos aligned just for us. We laughed…a lot. We joked continuously. We are all sarcastic bitches smart asses. Who knew? Here we are with one of the cover models…Scott:

Notice how I got right on in there. Yeah that was on purpose and my hands may or may not have been in a appropriate place. Ok….they weren’t.

I was completely unprepared for the shear amount of people so I forgot a lot of things. Like at the massive book signing I forgot my book plates up in the room. I know what you’re thinking, why didn’t I just go get them? Well the doors are guarded by RT people and I kinda figured my luck would be that I’d go up and not be aloud back in. Seriously, they almost jumped me for going to the bathroom in the wrong part of the hotel. So I guess signed book plates will have to wait till Lori Fosters event in June. I walked around with a dazed look and met a TON of authors. Shawntelle Madison, Cynthia Eden, Virna Depaul, Monica Burns, Daisy Harris, Lynn Rush, Shiloh Walker, Laurie London, Larissa Ione, JR WARD (who has body guards yall! Like does someone want to take her out or something??…also she looks like Trinity from The Matrix. I expected her to vault out of the chair and sprint across the room…which would have been hella cool)….I know I’m forgetting ppl. Did I take pics? Nope. I was shell shocked.  I have been waiting to meet Cynthia Eden for YEARS. She probably thinks I’m a huge goof. I kinda just stood there and stammered. I wasn’t even drinking….at that point. 🙂 I think I may have gotten a few intelligent sentences out for Larissa Ione . I was just praying no one asked me something specific about their books because I would have blanked and looked like a complete asshat. Seriously, I read your books I promise…don’t test me don’t test me!

Side note: you’d be surprised how much business goes down at the bar. I made some new contacts, handed out some business cards. The weirdest thing for me though was when people knew who I was. I mean for REAL??? I’m just a blogger. To have someone actually know who I am blows my mind. I can’t tell you how cool it was to see “Where is NikiB??” on my twitter feed. I’m all “OVER HERE!!!!!”

Laurie London is my new bestie! She’s super nice and hung out with us in line for awhile just chatting it up.

Lynn Rush and I got accosted trying to take a picture. I never did figure out why he was skulking around…but he was definitely “handsy”

Here are a couple of us at the Harlequin party. I had a couple of drinks…can you tell?

And here is a picture of the dance floor. There were MAYBE 5 guys in the joint. 3 were cover models, 1 was the announcer, and then this guy, who I *think* writes gay romance. He was working it all over the place. Yes he has his shirt in his hand and yes he is wearing a tank top.

So since the hotel wasn’t actually in downtown Chicago I really only saw it from a distance but on the way home the girls I rode with from Indiana took me to see the skyline. I’m such a country girl…I got excited that I could see the trains from the hotel room. Speaking of on the way home…spending all weekend in a romance convention talking about sex makes everything look just a bit dirty. Am I the only one that thinks that??

On the way home from Indiana my Navigation decided to be a douche and completely change my route. I had zero clue where I was for the majority of the time and so I was hoping and praying the mechanical female voice knew where she was going. I did see my very first wind farm on the way back though. And I *may* have drove off the road a little to get a pic. Hey, it was a deserted road. Because I’m pretty sure Rt 30 is the devil’s armpit. Seriously, nothing there for what felt like YEARS.

So….in the coming weeks I will have a ton…and I mean a TON of swag to give away. That shit is like rabbits. I took maybe 5 pieces and when I got home I had a few hundred. I even scored some books for my readers. I love you too *muah*. Most likely will do that on FB and Twitter so watch out for it!

I hope someday to be able to experience this conference again! Now the countdown to Lori Foster’s event begins! And bonus, a lot of my girls (I call them my girls…the 7 that came) will be at this event too! YAY!! Meet you at the bar ladies!


  1. Oh my God Nikki, I am so damn jealous. First you get to go to RT and next you’re going to Lori Foster’s (my writing hero). Damn. Just damn. I don’t know if I can be friends with you anymore. Ha. Who am I kidding. 🙂
    So glad you had a great time!

  2. Sounds like a great time! I guess I am going to have to step up my game if I am going to top this at LF! Did you smuggle Cherry and Cynthia home?

  3. It was amazing that we all got along! I’m so thankful to Cherry to. It was an amazing opportunity. I hadn’t laughed that much in a long time! It was really heard to drive along the skyline because I wanted to look to! I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting a blog, you guys definately have pushed that idea a little farther along! I wish I was going to Lori Foster just so that I can hang with you guys. You ROCK Nikki!
    It was a honor to be with the famous Nikki B!

  4. I’m so glad you had a great time! I wish I could’ve gone this year. Isn’t Cynthia Eden about the nicest person you’ve ever met? And while I haven’t met Lynn Rush in person, we email all the time, and she seems fantastic. Cherry Adair is always at the Seattle Emerald City conference, and she’s hilarious, right?

    Okay, since I’m here, I’m off to quote from your review of Hunted – I’ll link back. Have a great rest of the weekend, and let me know what conference you’re heading to next!

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