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Thank You Nikki for hosting me today. Today I want to talk about my Summer Fae fantasy series. The second story in the series is currently in edits and should be released this summer! It began with Contagion, a 32 page short story that introduces us to Tessa as she adjusts to her new life. The annual flu virus was tampered with in 2012 and left millions dead, in the midst of the chaos doors from the Otherworld opened and ogres, fairies, and dragons entered the Earth Realm. Ensconced at her family cabin in the Appalachian Mountains, Tessa lives with a four inch tall fairy, Kyl, his wife Angel, and their ten children. As the story progresses, she finds a lost 50 year young dragon and is approached by a small goblin who complete her new family.

Here is the blurb and an excerpt:


In 2012, a flu epidemic killed millions. Among the survivors struggling to adapt, Tessa flees to her family’s cabin, only to find it already occupied…by fairies! After a companionable year with her new housemates, Tessa again has to adapt to a parade of creatures of myth and legend on her property—including a baby dragon and a tiny goblin. All the creatures aren’t so friendly, and Tessa soon learns she’s in the battle for her very life and the life of those she’s come to love. Driven by a maniacal monster with a personal grudge against Tessa, ogres hunt humans to make way for a new evil regime on Earth. Only Tessa and her small friends stand between hope and annihilation.



Many of the humans in the hunted areas knew how to defend themselves and the number of deaths dwindled as humans began to hunt for the portals the cabal used to cross over. Tessa’s cabin was very close to an Otherworld doorway the cabal knew well. Or as Kyl put it, “You live on Invasion Highway.”Within a year of finding Kyl and his family at the cabin, they had become friends. It had started off shaky, though. “Marry Matthew, have babies, get a college degree, live in a nice house, and retire early. I’m an idiot,” she recited her teenaged life plan to quiet trees as she passed. Tessa listened for distant footfalls as she walked through the woods. Matthew had gotten a cheerleader pregnant, married her by high school graduation, and was never seen again. Tessa was in college, twenty-two, and still figuring her life out when her world stopped. Tessa gave up her hunt in the snowy woods, and as she turned towards home, she heard a strange sound followed by screams. The sudden smell of burnt something filled her nose. She followed the sound, careful to keep herself upwind and hidden, and saw a small elephant-sized dragon sitting alone in a clearing. Because adult dragons grew to rival the largest passenger airplanes, Tessa knew this was a child. “Hey there little guy, what happened here?” The dragon looked sheepish and pointed with one little front arm at its nose. Laughter erupted from Tessa. “You sneezed?” The small brown dragon nodded and wiped his watery eyes. “Allergies?” she asked. The dragon nodded and she made out that his nose was clogged.

“Are you alone or with family?” Tessa inquired. “Me!” the small dragon stood proud and replied.



Bloodlines continues the story four months later. Settled into their lives Rusty shops at local markets and Jasper the dragon plays and trains the fairy children. There is something they have to do. Rusty’s family is still in captivity in the Otherworld and they leave to rescue them. Once again in danger because of who she is, Tessa finds herself fighting for her life with powers she didn’t know she had.


Thanks again to Nikki for letting me hang here for the day. One commenter today will win a signed copy of Contagion (it’s an ebook). Contest will stay open until 11:59pm EST May 3rd 2012. Open internationally. 

Graylin Fox


  1. Hi Graylin,
    thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway. i love the cover on both books, they are beautiful.
    the books sound wonderful and i can hardly wait to get started on the series so i am not behind when the next book comes out. 😀

    tammy ramey

  2. Congratulations Victoria, you are the winner of the signed ebook. I’ll contact my publisher with your contact information.

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment, I appreciate you.


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