My Heart Can’t Take This


Today I started asking authors for interviews. This is not good for my health. Why? Well, mainly its my nervousness. *Picture me hyper-ventilating at my computer*  I get so nervous asking. Then I obsess and worry that how I asked, what I said, how I portrayed myself, was all wrong. This blog is small. I am totally okay with that. I don’t strive to have a million followers. I’m new to this but have been doing my best to reach people and allow everyone into the craziness that is my mind. I try to be honest without being snarky. I try to keep things upbeat and fun. I even try to make the blog visually appealing…if you’ve been a follower for long you know what an issue that is for me. Computers and Nikki = trip to good friend’s house where he can fix whatever I screw up. Programming ain’t my thing.

I got the bright idea (back in the summer) that I would like to ask my favorite authors some questions. I kept putting it off because the thought of having to contact them seemed so out of my realm. Yeah I know, they are only people, just like me. But in my mind, they are ROCKSTARS. I decided a few days ago to bite the bullet and send an email. After I managed to get that one sent…and believe me when I say I sat here contemplating whether to hit send or not…I thought, well that wasn’t horrible…I didn’t die. Guess I can send one more.

After I had sent both emails off into cyber-space, I sat back and tried to breathe normally. Then I stalked my email. I emailed my brilliant cousin and aspiring writer, Julie, and she talked me down. This is our ritual, when one of us is having an attack/meltdown of some kind, we contact the other to talk us through the ordeal. She told me to stop freaking out and hope for the best. That it wouldn’t be the end of the world if someone said no.

My cousin is super smart, because she was 100% right. I got two extremely nice emails back from both authors thanking me for asking and accepting my request! I AM STOKED! I seriously jumped my hubby as he was coming home from work to talk his ear off about how super cool it was. He nods and smiles and tells me “good job sweetie”. He’s a man, that’s probably the best I am going to get from him 🙂 . All he knows is that he can’t check his Facebook nearly as much anymore because I’m constantly hogging the computer.

Since those first two emails I have sent two more. I would love to see the look on the one authors face when she read the email. I basically stumbled and stuttered through the email and on top of that, totally forgot to give her the web address to check out the blog. *head slap* So I had to email her AGAIN to give that to her *shaking head sadly*. OOPS. This is what happens. I get super über nervous and forget the most important things. So yeah, the author is probably like..”wow spastic girl wants an interview…why do the crazy ones find me? How do I politely decline without her emailing me again about a zillion times?”

BUT….she said yes as well. Seriously? This day has been awesome….better then cheesecake smothered in chocolate syrup awesome….

So here I sit, working on my blog. Stalking, err, checking my email for new messages. Please tell me this gets easier? Or tell me how much a rubber room costs and maybe some Valium….


  1. Nikki…you make me smile…as I sit here remembering the same feelings you described so eloquently. When I first joined our local RWA group, I’d read all the loop messages and finally got up the nerve to get involved in a discussion. You’d of thought I was writing to the Pope, or a President cause every word had to be just so, no slang, nothing that wasn’t worded just so…finally got up the nerve to push the send button and waited for it to appear!!! and…I’d spelt my name wrong. Now my name is Mimi so you tell me how the heck a person can screw that up???
    Immi (sigh!!)

    p.s. I’d love to be on your blog

    1. We will def have to do an interview! I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets super nervous…at least with my name no one is sure how it’s spelled. On Twitter I’m Niki and here I am Nikki hehe…twitter made me shorten it 🙂

      Thanks for the comment on my blog, I really do try hard. This is a lot of work! 🙂

  2. I’m smiling widely over here. This is so very cool and I can’t wait to read these interviews. You are absolutely contagious and I know there will be many more rockstar interviews in your future. Very.Very.Cool.

  3. Hi, Nikki–

    Getting asked for an interview is totally flattering! I’m not surprised you got those “yes”s. Props to you for asking even though it gave you a case of the anxious.


    1. Oh Oh *FLUTTERS*…you wrote Crave! TOTALLY on my TBR pile (as soon as hubby lifts my book buying ban..booooo lol). I saw some other bloggers a while back reading it and it totally piqued my interest!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!! 🙂

  4. All it takes to snowball the process is that one acceptance, you are now on a roll and good luck and have fun with your interviews Nikki!

    I was very nervous and yet excited and scared and happy all at the same time when had Maria Zannini do her guest post, it turned out quite well so would not mind doing more like it… Since have your feed sent to my email will be counting down until you do your first guest post to see how it turns out and who the author will be! Have fun!

    jackie ^_^

  5. It took me a year of blogging to get up the nerve to start asking for guest posts/interviews of some of my favorite authors. You know what I discovered? Most of them are thrilled to be asked and are super nice! It doesn’t matter how many times I ask for a request, I still get nervous about doing it!

  6. I had the same feelings of anxiousness when I decided to ask authors for interviews. You want to come off as sincere and enthusiastic, but all you end up feeling like is a big dork. But I did it anyway and the authors have been very receptive. Which makes me so, so happy! I posted my first interview last week and have another one coming up this week. Good luck with yours and I check back to read them!

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