Alexander Outland: Space Pirate by G.J. Koch

Alexander Outland Space Pirate by GJ KochAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Sci Fi

Publisher: Night Shade

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Captain Alexander Outland of the Sixty-Nine (short for Space Vessel 3369, of course) is the best pilot in the galaxy. He’s also a pirate, a smuggler, and loved and loathed by women in umpteen solar systems. His crew of strays and misfits includes an engineer of dubious sanity, a deposed planetary governor, an annoyingly unflappable Sexbot copilot, and a slinky weapons chief who stubbornly refuses to give the captain a tumble.

Outland just wants to make a decent living skirting the law, but when an invisible space armada starts cutting into his business, he soon finds himself in hot water with the military, the mob, mad bombers, and an extended family of would-be conquerors. And that’s not counting an occasionally telepathic spy . . . .

Like any sensible scoundrel, he hates heroics. They’re risky and they don’t pay well. But to keep his ship and crew in one piece, and make time with a certain hard-to-get weapons chief, he might just have to make an exception–and save the galaxy in spite of himself!


The very first in a new sci fi series by GJ Koch is a knock down, action packed romp through space that will have your heart pounding and your libido stuttering just a bit!

Meet Alexander Outland, a space pirate, and his rag tag group of employees that include a super smart techie, a humanoid robot, a sex kitten and a old man. Alex is a space pirate that has a heart of gold even though you would never get him to admit to it. He likes to think of himself as a ladies man instead. He seems to be able to get in pretty much every womans pants..and he has. Slinkie is the exception to his rule. He wants her, he tries to get her constantly, and yet she resists. She’d rather lob snarky retorts to his advances then pursue anything with the quirky captain. She is a virtual mystery to him.

Alexander Outland is a quirky fun scifi that doesn’t have one dull moment. I’m not joking its literally one thing after another while they try to figure out who is behind the attacks against the crew and the planet they land on. No one is who they seem and everyone has secrets to hide . There is constant conversations in this one so be prepared for the one liners, the snark and the jibber jabber. No one can sit still and be quiet for even a minute. It’s hilarious. It’s fun. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with a story line that never stops. You may want to take notes or if you have the paperback version, invest in post it notes to mark revelations clearly so you can go back and refresh yourself.

Now I know G.J. has tried to distance herself from her Gini Koch name but honestly…if you’ve read Gini’s stuff there is virtually no way you can mistake G.J’s writing from Gini’s . It’s just got the same feel. The biggest difference I saw is the lack of bountiful sex going on. Don’t worry, its so filled with story that you won’t miss the sex…much. The story is so complex and you will be constantly guessing where the book is going. Slinkie and Alexander work well together as a couple once they get past all the continuous innuendo and playful games.  The family feel with the rest of the crew can clearly be felt. These people are not co workers….but family. They care about each other and that includes the humanoid/computer that a very lonely crew member manages to build for himself.

Sci fi genre lovers should enjoy this one and crossover Gini Koch lovers should like this too. Its a solidly good book with amazing potential for future storylines!

On a side note….is anyone else amused by the position of Slinkie and Alexander (aka Nap) on the front cover? I snickered…repeatedly.

I give Alexander Outland: Space Pirate by G.J. Koch 3.75 stars! 

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