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Nikki, I’m so excited to be a part of your blog, thanks for having me! My debut novel, Dissension, will be released February 23 of 2013. It’s book one of a trilogy where vampires, and immortals are at war against each other. Throw in a government agency that’s keen on harnessing their powers and things start to get a little crazy. On top of that, vampires and immortals are both concerned about prophecies of a child who could lead to their destruction.

The main character, Leisha, is a vampire who was separated from her husband Tafari (an immortal), two thousand years ago. Tafari has sworn to kill all vampires. (And you thought you had marital issues!)

Leisha is trying to juggle her duty to the vampires, reconcile with Tafari, and elude the government from experimenting on her. She doesn’t know if she can succeed in finding this prophecy child before the others, but she’ll die trying.

I could go on, but of course, you should read the book yourself. I promise it’s much more interesting that way than having me paraphrase.

I’ve only been seriously writing in the last five years. When my firstborn was six months old and I quit my day job to be a full time mother, I suddenly had free time. I could actually finish the novel I had started when I was eighteen.

I finished my manuscript, but wasn’t sure what to do to get it published. After looking around online, I joined some writers groups and attended as many writers conferences as I could. Luckily, there were several nearby that were affordable and so very educational.

After attending these functions for a couple of years and meeting with my critique group on a regular basis, I had revised my manuscript about seven times. Then, Jolly Fish Press spoke at my writers group one month and invited us to submit our manuscripts. About a month later, they emailed me with the fabulous news that they wanted to print my trilogy!

About Me: I love skydiving (I haven’t been in a while, but have just convince my husband to go with me!) I’m an avid exerciser (kickboxing and power pump are my favorites!). Still trying to get my pre-baby body back- but if it doesn’t happen, I’ll still love to work out. Of course, any novelist must be a passionate reader, and I definitely fall into that category. I’m also a stay at home Mom of two fabulous kids that keep me on my toes.

Favorite Authors:
I love almost any genre. I guess my top five would be paranormal romance (makes sense, since that’s what I write.), urban fantasy, historical romance, fantasy, and modern day suspense. Some of my favorite authors are Tami Hoag, Karen Marie Moning, and Brandon Sanderson. (If you haven’t read these authors, I highly suggest checking them out.)

Advice for aspiring authors: Get a critique group that will tell you how it is. No sugarcoating! Just remember that when they pick it apart, they’re not judging, but helping you to become a successful author.

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