A Little Harmless Fascination by Melissa Schroeder (Harmless #7)

A Little Harmless Fascination by Melissa SchroederAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Self Pub

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Security expert Conner Dillon isn’t a man who often takes a vacation. So when he is ordered to take a month off and his sister insists on a trip to Hawaii, he isn’t very happy. But, after seeing his landlady Jillian Sawyer again, he might just find something—or someone—to occupy his time.

For years, Jillian has always had a crush on Conner. Now an erotic romance author with a thing for Doms, she finds herself beyond intrigued by the man. He is good to the core, but there is something else darker in him that calls to her.

After one night in bed, they both find themselves addicted. In Jillian, Conner has found the perfect sub…and in him she finds someone she can trust. Falling in love isn’t what they expected, but walking away is impossible—especially when they realize someone wants Jillian dead.


Stress is what Conner lives with every day, it’s what he thrives on. When a medical scare sends him packing for a little R&R on the beaches of Hawaii the last thing he expected to find was the vivacious Jillian. She’s so full of life and she lives by no ones schedule but her own. He’s instantly drawn to her larger than life energy. As he begins to  learn more about her past, even stuff she isn’t prepared to reveal, Conner feels his own guard start to let down.

As much as Jillian wants to keep him she knows Conner won’t be staying. She’s prepared to say goodbye but she’s not ready to let him all the way in. Her crazy family is hard for her to explain even to the closest of friends. She’s content in her solitary life on the beach, the perfect existence for her romance writing. Conner can show her a few things in the BDSM world she’s only ever wrote about.

Seems someone wants to remind her that life is short and end hers. They won’t be stopping just because Jillian finally have a man worthy of taking them on either.


Ahhhhhhhh back to Hawaii I go for another “Harmless” book from Melissa Schroeder. I do enjoy it in Hawaii and since it’s probably going to be a LONG time before I ever get to see it for real, I look forward to living vicariously through these books. Heavy on the hot stuff and BDSM, Schroeder gets my engine running every time!

Conner was a great hero! Built like a rock, a protective streak a mile long and completely 100% focused *waggles eyebrows*. Being a big brother and having to step in after their parents died made him hopelessly dedicated to his sister and I appreciated that dedication.  Having such a soft spot for his baby sister upped his hotness factor. Though his sister was a huge pain in the ass when it came to Conner’s relaxing vacation in Hawaii after some medical issues. She basically makes him go (scared for her brother and the last relative she cares about) then she’s up his ass constantly checking on him. I totally agreed with Jillian’s thought process that while Conner’s tiring work schedule was an issue, his meddling sister contributed for sure as well. I understood her love for him..but wow. She needs to learn to relax, and I think she may just get her chance in the next book *hint hint*

Having a set of her own family issues, Jillian loves that Conner and his sister are so close. She spends a lot of her time fending off the relatives that never wanted her because of her mixed heritage. Now in charge of distributing the family money they hate her even more. I loved her spunkiness and the way she embraced life for everything it was worth and how she didn’t give a damn what anyone thought of her. Her tattooed body and head full of long braids gave her a distinct look that you don’t often find in steamy romances. She definitely had an old artists soul.

Together these two burned through the pages! And that’s hard to do since I read it on my Kindle LOL. I enjoyed Conner’s internal struggle with himself while trying to process his evolving feelings for Jillian. While she knew and stated so right away he (of course) was a bit slower.

The thing I thought A Little Harmless Fascination lacked was the suspense in the erotic romantic suspense category. When I read something that is labeled as “suspense” I want a bit more then a crescendo ending. I want something that builds over the course of the book. While ALHF had a few things happen throughout, I didn’t feel there was enough continued threat to be put in a suspense category. A few pictures that point towards a stalker and a cut brake line – both which didn’t happen until well into the book – just wasn’t enough for me. The erotic part was spot on. HOT! While it is a BDSM I would say it’s only very lightly done so romance lovers across the board should enjoy this one.

Melissa Schroeder is a genuinely expressive author who will hook you with the depth of her characters and great story arcs. Each book is its own with them all tying together through the BDSM club and cross over characters. A Little Harmless Fascination is a great novella read that will appeal to romance lovers as well as those that like a bit of kinky in their loving.

I give A Little Harmless Fascination by Melissa Schroeder 3.50 stars!


  1. Love melissa’s books. Absolutely lovew this series. Love the characters, especially micah. Yummy. Have been dyhing to trad tbhis book also. Will have to do a little kindle ebook shopping this weekend

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