Diva and The Frat Boy by Daisy Harris (Men of Holsum College #2)

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Type: Gay Romance

Publisher: Siren

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Nathaniel Reece is savvy and fierce and wouldn’t give boring-ass Greg Sanders the time of day, except Greg is the president of a fraternity Nathaniel wants to join. But once Nathaniel gets a taste of the ferocity under Greg’s cool exterior, he can’t stop himself from trying to lure the uptight frat brother out of his shell.

The face of gay life on campus and a crusader heading off to law school, Greg doesn’t see any problem with seducing the flamboyant and exciting Nathaniel. But that’s before he finds out his fraternity brothers are refusing Nathaniel’s pledge bid. Greg’s athletic and masculine and has never had to deal with the censure of his friends or the odd looks of strangers, but if he’s going to be what Nathaniel needs, he’ll have to be comfortable not just being out, but also standing out.


Loved this novella! After reading College Boys I knew right away I wanted the secondary character, Nathaniel, to get his own story. He is a walking stereotypical gay male. Flamboyantly “out” and everyone within 5 miles knows it. He says “girl” and “honey” alot and can sashay with the best of the drag queens. I wanted Daisy to write him a story so badly…and I was a bit vocal about it. 🙂 She didn’t let me down.

Nat knew early on he was gay. He didn’t act, talk or walk like the other boys and so he figured why not just embrace what was already glaringly obvious. Though he was used to the stares and the derogatory words people muttered under their breath that didn’t mean it hurt any less. After a bad relationship Nat basically  shut down his emotions. No one saw what was pinging around inside of this guy that appeared so in control of himself. The vulnerability he kept tightly leashed in fear of being hurt by another man who wasn’t prepared to deal with his personality. When he sets his sights on the President of the colleges only gay fraternity, Greg, he’s only thinking short term. A up and coming successful gay man like Greg, who can easily pass for straight, would have no need for a boyfriend that screams homosexual. Greg though has been watching Nat from afar not completely understanding his own attraction to the flamboyant fraternity pledge. He knows he wants him, but in what context? Though Greg doesn’t want to jeopardize Nat rush to become a pledge so he keeps himself at a distance making Nat believe he has no interest.

I loved the dynamics between these two. It’s a twist on opposites attract I suppose.  Each with their own insecurities they bring to the table that no one can see on the surface. Both being so different and yet still so alike. Also delving into the subculture of gay men and the instances of racism and judging even by their own. Since Greg can pass for straight he’s never really had to stand up to someone while Nat has had to deal with it his entire life.

As a couple I think Nat and Greg worked well. They played off each other and Daisy does a excellent job and making them fit together despite the canyon between their personalities. Once Nat lowers his shields a bit and let Greg see his true emotions, they just clicked. I enjoyed the times when they were just together. No racism. No problems with the fraternity. Just two men who were looking for something more, and they found it in the last place they expected. Each other. They reminded me of Jack and Will from the show Will and Grace. They too were both incredible different, but who we all rooted for to get together.

There was one thing that I just didn’t get. The fraternity basically calls Nat “to gay” to be a pledge thinking that reinforcing the stereotypical gay male image is a bad thing.  It bugged me that Greg never really said anything to the other brothers about their views on their own community (he does stand up to a random guy in a bar but still, not the same because he didn’t know him). It bugged me even more that even after they reconsidered their opinion that Nat would agree to pledge anyway. I felt it didn’t fit his character to continue to pledge and that he should have told them to stick their pledge where the sun doesn’t shine. Why would he even want to be a part of a fraternity that didn’t want him until he got a bit of notoriety from a news article he happened to be quoted in?

Great novella! I got a little teary eyed at the racism and the effect it has even on those that may not show it on the surface. I don’t read a ton of gay romance, but this series is the best of the best for me and I hope we get more on this diverse college campus.

I give 4 stars to Diva and The Frat Boy by Daisy Harris! 


  1. I had a hard time with this one. I felt like Greg never truly apologized for his behavior towards Nat (trying to get him to act less gay). The romance didn’t do it for me. But I’m trying the next one 🙂

  2. Yea I totally get the Greg aspect but at least for me, I still felt his intentions I guess. I was more concerned with the not standing up to his buddies part. That irked me a bit. But otherwise I still enjoyed the romance and thought they made a cute couple.

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