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Lucky Number Three

The number three has been a very significant number in my life so I’ve decided that in honor of my third release I’m going to make the number three a lucky number for a reader of this blog as well. Leave me a message in the comment section, telling me if you have a significant or lucky number and I’ll choose a random winner who will get free e-copies of all three of my Ellora’s Cave erotic romance novels!

All three stories are sweet, sexy reads about people who were destined to be together. From friends to lovers (Always You), to an accidental meeting with a sexy foreigner (Long-Distance Lovers), to finding love when you least expect it (Marry Me), you’ll travel with the characters on three unique paths to true love. For more info about these books or about my upcoming releases, come visit me at my blog karenstivali.com and/or follow me on twitter @karenstivali .

Good luck!

When British drummer Ben Davis lost his childhood sweetheart, he was certain he’d never love again. He focuses on music as his band rises to stardom. A never-ending stream of groupies satisfies his needs until he meets intriguing clothing designer Julia Jones.

Julia’s career rocketed from seamstress to up-and-coming designer for the A-list, but her personal life didn’t fare as well. Her last boyfriend crossed from controlling to violent and she vowed never to be in that position again.

Sparks fly the instant Ben and Julia meet, but she resists his intoxicating charms, certain a celebrity romance will bring only trouble. But before long the heat between them becomes undeniable and she allows him into her bed and her heart. The more in love Ben falls, the more he fears losing her. When Julia’s life is endangered, Ben’s reaction terrifies her, forcing them both to confront their biggest fears if they want a chance at a future together.


When Shari discovers that her fiancé has been cheating on her, she lets the wedding go on according to plan. Except while everyone else is at the church, Shari is heading to the airport to fly off on her honeymoon with her best friend, Jon.

Jon is only too happy to help Shari escape what he knew would have been an awful marriage. Plus he’s thrilled by the prospect of time alone with her in a tropical paradise. He’s always loved her, and desired her as a lot more than a friend.

A steamy, romantic night on the beach turns into a whirlwind of desire as they take their friendship to multiple new levels of passion. But when Shari’s apologetic ex tries to win her back, she must choose between the life she thought she was going to have with him and the possibility of love with Jon.



British musician Tim Wentworth trades his London flat for an apartment in NYC so he can record with a promising American band, but he arrives in Manhattan to learn the gig has been canceled. With no job and a two-month stay in the States, he wonders if the trip has been a waste of time, until he meets charming and talented jewelry designer Jenna Bradford.

Unlike the groupies who throw themselves at Tim after shows, Jenna couldn’t be less impressed by his music credentials. Bad experiences have led her to have a strict “no musicians” policy. But when Tim rescues Jenna from an obnoxious drunk, she bends her rules and they embark on a sensuous courtship filled with steamy, passionate nights and intense, unexpected emotions. While they try to find a way to prolong their time together, a family tragedy forces Tim to return to England. Jenna and Tim must each decide how far they’re willing to go to see if their whirlwind romance can lead to a lifetime of love.


  1. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of your stories yet, Karen, so this is a fun idea. I’ve always had good luck with the number 14.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  2. I always liked the number 12 but not for any particular reason. I’ve never found it to be lucky or anything – I just like it.

  3. Congrats on book #3!
    I’m not a superstitious person, so I have have no lucky numbers. Of course, there have been some numbers I was looking forward to like 16 and 21, which I have long past by.


  4. The number that sticks out for me is 5. My birthday is 5/5. My 1st daughter was born on 4/5. The number 5 is in my driver’s license number and my tax id. So that has to be lucky right? Congrats on your 3rd release!

    beckerjo at verizon dot net

  5. Congrats on your 3rd release. I like the number 6, not very superstitious though.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  6. I don’t have any lucky or significant numbers in my life but my mind picks up on them…at work my unit # is 1608…the cost of my dads funeral was $1608 so everyday when I write my unit # I think of my dad. At first it was hard not to think of the loss but now I think of the good times and count myself lucky I had the time I had. Wow sorry to be a Debbie downer…congrats on your third release…they all sound great. Added them to my tbr list!!!!


  7. Congrats on your third release. My lucky number is 13. Most people have a problem with that, but that number usually brings me good things.
    All three books sound fantastic. Can’t wait to read them.


  8. All three stories sound lovely. I am most intrigued by Marry Me. My lucky number has always been 13. My Italian family always said it was lucky for Italians. I actually look forward to Friday the 13th every year. LOL Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  9. Well, I have a traditional lucky number 7. The Seventh Stranger was my favorite song by Duran Duran for a very long time. It is still one of my favorites. Three is almost half of seven so I say you have to write 4 more great books. I see Lucky 7 in your future. That being said you know I’ll have to read Long Distance. It sounds like the perfect fantasy.

  10. My favorite number has always been 37, and I’m not entirely sure why. 🙂
    Congrats on the release of your third book, and thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


  11. Congrats on you latest release!!! I would love to win your amazing set of 3! I really do not have a lucky number but if I had to choose a favorite number I would say that 3 my favorite because I was blessed with 3 wonderful children that light up my day everyday!!


  12. All three of your books look like great reads. I wish I had a lucky number or numbers. I can’t even get lucky enough to get one number right in the lotto drawings when I play. 🙁 That’s pretty sad.
    I haven’t read any of your books, but I’d love to start.

  13. All sound great!!! Congrats!!!! I’ve never considered a particular number lucky but then I don’t tend to have a ton of luck.., LOL

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