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Thank you, Nikki, for having me today! I’m very excited to celebrate my newest release, You Bet Your Banshee (The Three Kingdoms) with y’all.

It made complete sense to me that this book took place partly in New Orleans. I live in south Louisiana and I’ve spent a lot of time in the Big Easy. I’ve seen things I never ever want to see again. One in particular always comes to mind when I think about this story, not because it appeared in the story, but because it sort of gave me the idea of what my heroine would do for a living while staying on Earth. Strip.

Yes, I was outside Larry Flint’s Hustler Club several years ago with a group of friends. You all know about the bead throwing that goes on all along Bourbon Street, yes? Well, we paused to sip our drinks and watch the crowd when we noticed a bunch of men looking up. Naturally, we all tilted our heads back as well just in time to see one of the dancers pull a string of beads from…well, let’s just say it was from a place I’d rather not catch anything from.

The men, of course, were just about killing each other to catch the prize and all I could think was, “How long was she holding onto those beads?” and “Does she have like a whole pack of them in there?” It kind of reminded me of the ping-pong ball scene from The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you really have to watch the movie.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve seen in public? I’m giving away a copy of You Bet Your Banshee (The Three Kingdoms) to one lucky commenter.

*Open Until June 27 at 11:59pm EST – winner picked the following day – open internationally*



What’s a banshee to do when she’s sentenced to death because of her inability to cry? Move to Earth and become a stripper, of course. For ten years, Magda O’Quinn has lived on Earth, supporting herself with her butt-shaking skills and hiding from the banshee queen who wants her death, before she discovers people are hunting her who won’t stop until she’s back in Fairworld.

The first to find her is hunky Halfling, Ryvan Keller, an agent of the fairy queen. The attraction Magda feels for him is panty-wetting to be sure, but there’s no way she’ll give in to her attraction and meekly follow him back into the hell of Fairworld. She’ll have to battle extreme lust for a sexy Halfling, fall in love, and defeat an evil queen before she can get back to the business of having a life again.


I cleared my throat. “My name is Magda. I’m a banshee.”

They murmured, “Hi, Magda,” back at me, the two newbies keeping mum. I squinted at them.

One was a vampire. He was easy to label with his eerie pink eyes. The other I wasn’t too sure about, though he looked a little familiar. He was a halfling of some kind and his dark eyes watched me with way too much attention. I shrugged it off. Chances were he’d seen me at my day job.

I knew what newbies to the group thought when they saw me. They took note of the platinum blonde hair which could have been dyed, but wasn’t. I’d tried coloring it a few times, but my hair grows so damn fast, all I seemed to do was piss money away. They stared at my eyes, the lavender irises that marked me as a banshee. Not that my peepers did me any good.

Ugh, gut clench time. I geared myself to admit my shame to a roomful of people.

“I can’t cry,” I confessed to the crowd. I saw several nods, a couple of understanding smiles, and the blank look of shock from the vampire. I wasn’t sure what the halfling thought because his face was so deeply shadowed, but it was probably the same look of astonishment as the vampire wore.

Yeah, I was a freak because banshees are supposed to cry. Hell, we were known for crying. “I’ve had every test known to Fairworld, been exposed to every torture known to human and Fairworlder, yet I can’t produce tears.” This was the hardest part. My stomach twisted on me, trying to keep the words in, but they had to come out, I had to purge myself of the pain. “

“Because of my…mutation,” it seemed a kind enough word, “I can’t be a functioning member of banshee society. I can’t contribute anything to the court. I was a burden and a shame to my family. I came Earthside ten years ago when I realized my queen wanted me dead.”

That was an understatement. For all of our advancements in technology and magic, Fairworlders were like any animal in Fairworld or on Earth: they wanted to destroy the weakest link. I’d nearly been torn apart by my people before I managed to get away from them. I might be defective, but I have a will to survive. I hadn’t been back to Fairworld and I doubted I ever would. Those bitches were crazy.

Phineas gave me an encouraging smile. “How have you done since our last meeting, Magda?”

“Um, fine. Things are a lot better now that I no longer fear they’ll come after me.” I twisted my fingers in the loose folds of my skirt. “I have a steady job now”—stripping at Spankalicious, but they didn’t need to know that—“and I finally sleep more than two hours at a time.” When I drink myself into a stupor, I added mentally.

“Have you made contact with your family to let them know you’re okay?” Phineas’s young-old face studied me with compassion. He was a wood elf, very old, very wise, and he understood being a freak since he was allergic to plants.

I shook my head, my heart slamming. “No. I’m not ready for that.” I’d never be ready for that. My own grandmother had handed me over to the banshee queen for “training” when I was a child and that bitch hated me.

“You need closure with your tribe, Magda,” Phineas said in his calm, collected voice. He’d been at this support group a lot longer than I had. He no longer got ruffled. His oak-colored face creased into a charming smile. “Your family needs to understand they no longer have a hold on you, or you’ll always live in fear of them.” I nodded because it was true. He smiled again. “Next month I want to hear that you’ve at least called them, okay?”

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    1. Yeah, to say the visitors I was with who were from England were a bit shellshocked is an understatement, LOL And with the way she displayed them, yeah, she may as well have pulled a rabbit out of her lady garden!

  1. I can’t think of anything that compares to your story about the beads. While visually this wasn’t so unusual, the conversation was: I was behind a famous singer in line for the bathroom at an amusement park about 20 years ago when she was very popular. She was telling her companion about going to the bathroom in a big gulp cup backstage during a performance because there was no time to get to a bathroom. ….and she filled the cup.


  2. Unusual things I’ve seen? Ummmm I live in NYC and hung out in Greenwich Village during the heydays of the 1960’s. Strung out people screwing in dark alleys comes to mind. I also enjoy watching the yearly Gay Pride Parade, and the Halloween Parade. Lot’s of strange and wonderful things to experience there.


    1. Oh!! If you like to those kinds of displays, you have to come to New Orleans during Labor Day weekend. That’s Decadence Fest, a gay pride festival, and there’s always something insane going on.

  3. Just popped into wave hi, guys! 🙂 Danica, that’s a great cover. 🙂 Love Banshees!!! Congrats on another release. Oh, and keep bringing on the lovely Friday blog posts. I look forward to them every week–so do the girlfriends at work. 🙂 The “giant” was our fave so far!!!

  4. I love the premise of the book, here’s hoping its a hit ^_^
    Um well I live in a smallish town; we can’t compare to your beads story lol. Well I guess this isnt ‘weird’ exactly but while in Quebec some people were throwing fireworks and some of the falling sparks landing three feet in front of me; some even closer! I was afraid one would fall on my head lol

    1. Thanks, Karen! I’ve had a similar experience, but it was because a friend of mine made a sparkler “bomb” he assured us was a dud. When it went off, a huge ball of fire shot between my friend and I. After that, we hid behind something before anymore experimental black powder explosions 😉

    2. WordPress ate my comment. Hopefully this doesn’t post twice. Thanks for the well wishes, Karen! Fireworks scare me. Mostly because I was a stupid college kid who was friends with a lot of other stupid college kids who liked to pour all the black powder from old fireworks into electrical tape and see what would happen. *cough* 😉

  5. I guess the most unusual things that I’ve seen in public are during the annual Bay to Breakers marathon run in San Francisco. It’s a big party and at least 25% of the people dress up in costumes to run. Every year, this also includes at least a few people who run completely nekkid. Every time a guy or gal comes bouncing by like that, you are always thinking, “yow, that’s got to hurt certain sensitive guy or girl parts”. Best wishes on the book. I loved the excerpt. It sounds like there’s a lot of humor in the book.

  6. I’ve seen a few things the come close to the bead incident you’re describing, but mine were during one of my adventures in nannying when a five-year-old girl I was taking care of pulled her mother’s gold chain from her who-ha while we were at a bank in Guam. I was pretty embarrassed because most of the people there to cash their checks also saw her do that.

    But the most unusual thing aside from that took place in Jacksonville, FL, where I grew up. There were two men in rather slutty women’s clothing jumping over the hood of a car in traffic. One of them in a bright green mini skirt climbed into the empty driver’s seat, and the other in hot pink lingerie got into the back seat. I have no clue where they were going in that get-up, but it was rather amusing to see. But this was in Florida where I’ve seen a whole group of men in drag jogging along Beach Boulevard. Lol.

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