Voracious by V.K. Forrest (Clare Point #5)

Available: July 31, 2012 Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Kensington

My Copy: Sent

In the coastal hideaway of Clare Point, Delaware—home for centuries to the Kahill vampire clan—a vampire sworn to protect the love that may cost him everything, will make the ultimate choice…


After months spent eliminating some of the world’s most ruthless criminals, Aedan Brigid is on sabbatical in Clare Point. Instead of relief, he feels on edge. Part of it is due to Dallas York, the gorgeous blonde bar owner whose touch just sparked an intense, inexplicable connection. But there’s another reason too. A local woman has been brutally attacked, her face and body carved beyond recognition. And one glance tells Aedan whose grisly handiwork it is.

Centuries ago, Aedan lost his beloved to a depraved monster nicknamed Jay. Now Jay is back, more vicious than ever. Aedan is already breaking clan rules by getting involved with Dallas—even if her mysterious gift sets her apart from other humans. And soon, he’ll have to decide whether he’ll turn away from the only life he’s known to protect a love he thought he’d never feel again…



Voracious is a book that is part of a series, while I read it completely on its own, I do think it would be better to read these in order. While I mostly enjoyed the story line and thought Aedan and Dallas were a well matched couple, I think I missed a lot of the continuing story arc because I didn’t read these in order.

Yes, Aedan was a well muscled, alpha male (which we all know I ADORE) but I think the shining aspect in this book was Dallas’s daughter who was autistic. She doesn’t talk much, preferring to remain mostly inside her own head. Her unique abilities are what ultimately lead to the conclusion of the book. I thought her autism was well wrote and it seemed as if the author may have a bit of knowledge on the subject. I loved how Aedan was able to break through to her where most people could not. They were able to communicate with each other without using the spoken voice and it added depth to a character that would have been hard to understand otherwise.

I also enjoyed Dallas because she was such a strong character. She thought a lot about what would be best for her daughter and was cautious when she really needed to be. Since she was basically on her own and surviving quite well with not much help. I love strong single mothers who want the love of a man but they don’t NEED it. Dallas opens up to Aedan when she realizes how much she is coming to care for him and how much her daughter seems to need him too, which was incredibly sweet.

The secondary characters were completely lost to me because of my lack of knowledge on the past books in the series and that’s completely my fault. However, where this book lost me was the completely anti-climatic ending. You can’t set out to write a paranormal with suspense and then totally skip the suspense. You just can’t. The book was really good, the looks into the psyche of the villain were excellent, the detail of the previous victims, perfection….then it comes time for Dallas to be attacked….NOTHING. Completely fade to black. What? NO! It was like suspense blue balls! When we next see Dallas she’s near death and Aedan is struggling with whether or not to turn her, ok I can get behind the emotions scene. Then….FADE TO BLACK AGAIN. I seriously was incredibly upset and disappointed. I thought, the only way this is going to redeem itself is if there is an awesome fight scene with the villain who we have yet to even see. Maybe he’ll turn out to be some super cool, bad ass hybrid that will give Aedan a run for his money! Turns out, nope, didn’t get that either. It was a 1 page fight and then boom…dead.

The ending was just completely out of character for the rest of the book. It was anti-climactic and abrupt. It didn’t go with the lead up at all and it left me shaking my head in disappointment. Maybe that’s how this author writes, I don’t know. But it wasn’t for me. The first 3/4 of the book were awesome but the last part seriously brought down the rating.

I give Voracious by V.K. Forrest 3 stars! 

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