At Last & Forever And A Day by Jill Shalvis (Lucky Harbor #5 & #6 ) and GIVEAWAY

At Last by Jill Shalvis (2)Available: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher:Grand Central/ Forever

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Amy Michaels loves her new life in Lucky Harbor. A waitress in the local diner, she’s looking forward to her first weekend hike through the mountains. But when a wrong turn takes her off the trail, she finds herself up close and personal with forest ranger Matt Bowers. And even though she’s tempted to kiss that sexy smile right off his face, she won’t make the mistake of getting involved with the town heartthrob.

A former cop whose life went south, Matt doesn’t let anyone get too close. But something about the feisty beauty caught his eye the moment he first saw her in the diner. After a hot night under a starry sky, Matt can’t deny their attraction-or the fact that for the first time in a long time, he feels the stirrings of something more. Now it’s up to Matt to help Amy see that, no matter what is in their past, together they can build a future in Lucky Harbor.

What can I say about Jill Shalvis that hasn’t already been said? I mean, everyone loves these books and it isn’t like I can tell you in words any better then anyone else right? At Last is my fifth return to the quaint town of Lucky Harbor, where small town living is every day living and your neighbors are larger then life.

Amy blew into town years ago with nothing to her name. A run away, a screw up, she needed to start over and armed with her grandmother’s journal she’s determined to find whatever gave her grandmother hope and peace in the small town and surrounding woods. Problem is that  the journal can be confusing and a city girl like Amy doesn’t really know her way around the mountains in Lucky Harbor. Pride stops her from asking for help which often leads to her stumbling into situations which force her to depend on someone. That someone being Matt, local forest ranger and eligible bachelor.

I adored Amy! She was just so adorably….wrong. She may have thought she was content but she spends a lot of the book running from her past. Using sex as a teenager was great until it got her some attention she’d rather not have. Now as a adult she tries her best to not want/need anything from Matt. Especially since Matt doesn’t seem to want a relationship any more then she does. She follows her grandmothers journal like it holds the secret to life. When all she really needed to do was look within herself and see what she had been running from and finally just let someone in. With her best friends Mallory and Grace helping to lead the way, Amy finally starts to see that putting down roots may be exactly what she needs to finally feel at home.

Matt has his own relationship problems that mainly stem from him feeling inadequate. Not able to keep his ex safe he has taken the stance that he is unworthy of taking care of anyone but himself. His connection with Amy is immediate and even though she tries to fight it there are just some things that are meant to be. His job as ranger means everything to him and he is completely over working himself. He’s devoted to the people of Lucky Harbor but his personal relationship suffer as a result. Strong and with so much to give, Matt spends a lot of time selling himself short.

The comedy Shalvis incorporates really makes her books pop for me. I find myself laughing through out the book and, for me, it always makes me love them more. The snarkiness between characters just feels so right. Friends making fun of each other. This works both in the relationship of the women as well as the men of the series. Shalvis then adds in all kinds of secondary town characters who make it their lives to embarrass the main characters on Facebook and it’s just golden writing…love love love when I get a dose of romance with my romance.

When these two polar opposite people get together sparks flying is the least that happens. Fireworks on a grand scale is more like it. Jill Shalvis makes you care about these characters and this town. She makes you believe. She weaves the written word so well you will be sucked into the book until the last page. Contemporary romance at it’s ultimate best this series is one of my all time favorites!

At Last needs to be on your reading list! It can be read on its own without any problems but I recommend the entire series. Jill Shalvis has been and will always be an auto buy for me!

I give At Last by Jill Shalvis 5 stars! 


Forever and A Day by Jill Shalvis (2)Available: July 31, 2012 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Grand Central/ Forever

My Copy: Sent


Grace never thought she’d be starting her life over from scratch. Losing everything has landed her in Lucky Harbor, working as a dog walker for overwhelmed ER doctor Josh Scott. But the day his nanny fails to show up, Grace goes from caring for Josh’s loveable mutt to caring for his rambunctious kids. Soon Grace is playing house with the sexy single dad…

With so many people depending on him, Josh has no time for anything outside of his clinic and family–until Grace arrives in town. Now this brainy blonde is turning his life inside out and giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “good bedside manner.” Josh and Grace don’t know if what they have can last. But in a town like Lucky Harbor, a lifetime of love starts with just one day…

Forever And A Day is the 6th and final book in the series, at least for a while. Nothing is out of the question I suppose and there are always more characters to write about. At least I’m hoping for more but as of now Jill has no plans to write more.

We finally get to see sexy town doctor Josh in this one and I do believe Jill Shalvis saved the best for last! I adored Josh and his completely crazy family!  From his bratty but misunderstood wheelchair bound sister to his hyper active son, Josh has his hands full and he constantly work works himself. When someone is strung that tight it seems everything in their life suffers and that was truly the case with Josh and his family. Each member rebelled his work-a-holic nature in their own ways. His son insisted of acting like a dog and his sister was continually acting out by openly defying him. Though in her defense Josh treated her like a child incapable of making her own life choices and as a 21 year old woman she needed to be able to make her own mistakes. I loved that they played such a integral part in the book.

Grace was only supposed to be in Lucky Harbor temporarily. Taking odd jobs to help her dwindling savings account she ends up dog walking for Josh who owns a demon dog that is completely untrainable. Once there she finds herself perfectly integrating into the craziness which is exactly what she doesn’t want. Grace is driven by trying to impress her extremely intellectual adoptive family. She thinks that to be happy she needs to live up to her parents high expectations. As her feelings for the cute doctor grow she keeps telling herself she only wants something fun…something temporary. Lucky Harbor is the only place she’s ever felt at home and it scares her to not have path in life that she feels secure in.

There was some serious sexual tension in this book as each character fights their attraction. Josh and Grace together felt so natural and the sex…holy smokes the sex. Jill Shalvis can write a love scene that will knock your socks off! She somehow makes you feel the emotions without getting erotic and I think that takes incredible talent. Her writing is a constant mood lifter for me. I seem to always pick up a book of hers when I want to laugh and become totally engrossed in a world.

Once again the secondary characters make for some incredibly funny moments. Everyone needs friends like Mallory, Amy, Matt and Ty. People who always have your back but who aren’t afraid to tell you when you’re being incredibly stupid and hard headed. Without them the book wouldn’t have been nearly as funny. They make even the hardest parts seem lighter.

Jill is my favorite contemporary romance author hands down. There is no one that writes like her and no one I connect to more! I love her work and she has  life long reader in me! I could never say enough amazing things about her books, you just need to experience them for yourself and find out!

I give Forever And A Day by Jill Shalvis 5 stars! 

* Because the people at Grand Central ROCK, I have one copy of each to give away to a US winner (one winner, two books)! All you have to do to enter is tell me if you read any of Jill Shalvis’ books and which has been your favorite so far. Please make sure to leave me a way to find you if you win. Contest open until 7-22-12 at 11:59pm EST with winner announced the next day*


  1. I love the Lucky Harbor series and Jill Shalvis! She always makes me laugh. My favorite so far has been Head Over Heels. Love that spunky Chloe and who doesn’t love a drool worth cop?? I’d love to win copies of the newest ones. Thanks for the opportunity!


  2. I’ve read many of her books including several in this series. I think I like Animal Attraction the best (but not the cover).

  3. Jill is a new author for me. I have heard great things about this authors books. Would love to win and read both of these books. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  4. I recently started the Lucky Harbor series and I love it. My favorite so far is the very first book, Simply Irresistible. Maddie and Jax were so cute together.

  5. I read quite a few of her books. Hmm…my favorite so far has been her firefighters series. They were the very first ones I tried and for some reason they’ve stuck with me.


    1. I seriously just growled lol…I loved the first book and then never could find the 2nd or 3rd…even used, The 2nd one is around $35 USED on Amazon…WHAT?! Not even our library has them.

  6. I have read several books of Jiills and I think my favorite are Animal Attraction and Animal Magnetism. These books sound fantastic. Can’t wait to read them. Thanks for the giveaway.


  7. It’s a tie between The Sweetest Thing and Lucky in Love. Loved reading about Mysterious Cute Guy and Tara’s over the top names for her dishes. Thanks for the giveaway!

    kliu107 (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. I’ve read the first two books in this series, and the first one was my favorite 🙂 It’s such a fun, romantic series– I can’t wait to get to the rest! The 3rd I’m really looking forward to 🙂

  9. I love anything by Jill Shalvis especially her Lucky Harbor series! I’ve read all of them. My favorite so far is Lucky in Love but the rest are also great!

  10. Jill Shalvis is my go-to author! I absolutely love the dialogue in her books…it is so honest! I always find myself on an emotional roller coaster…either laughing hysterically or crying…when I read her books. One of my favorites is The Sweetest Thing…I loved Tara’s southern charm!
    harlan_michelle AT yahoo DOT com

  11. Jill is awesome and I know I’ll get a good read when I start one of her books. I think At Last is my favorite so far – I spit out my drink and nearly died laughing when Matt heard his nickname from Lucille!

  12. I have the first two books in the series as well as Animal Magnetism. I would love to win these two Lucky Harbor books. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  13. I have not read any of this series yet. I won a copy of Lucky in Love and was going to start the series when I got the book but then thy publicist that took care of the giveaway left the company so I never got the book. Since it is on the top of my TRB list I will probably end up reading it pretty soon anyway!

    Thanks for the chance!

  14. I haven’t read any of the books in this series yet. I have heard so many great things about Jill’s books and I have them on my TRL now. Thanks for the chance.
    Carol L.
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  15. HI, I just started following your blog, but it seems like you’ve been rating all of the books I love! I would love to win a copy of this book. I haven’t read any of this series by Jill Shalvis, but I do love her other books and romance novels in general. Great review!

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