A Hunter’s Angel by Cera DuBois

A Hunter's Angel by Cera DuBoisAvailable: Now

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Self Pub

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

The serial killer stalking Clayton, Pennsylvania, isn’t all that has Chief of Police Grace Wallace worried. For a year, she’s tried to forget Special Agent Ian McHenry and now he’s the expert the FBI sent to catch the killer. She can’t stay away from him, but something primal is telling her to run to save much more than just her heart.

Despite the strict code of ethics Ian vowed to follow as a vampire hunter, he craves Grace’s blood above all others. If he chooses to stay, Ian risks losing his chance at divine forgiveness.

But if he leaves Grace unprotected from the evil he’s hunted for over a century, he loses more than just his soul…


A Hunter’s Angel is a book that was missing another book. I spent a good chunk of time thinking this book was the second in a series because every single thing was based off events that happened prior to the book starting. Because of this there are a ton of flashbacks throughout the book that I think would have been better justified as a first book in a series.

Grace has come back home to a new job and just after she gets settled in the bodies start piling up at her doorstep. Calling in the FBI seems like a good idea until her ex Ian shows up with his team to bring down a serial killer whose M.O is strikingly familiar to the last case they worked together. Grace spends a good chunk of the book telling herself she doesn’t have feelings for Ian even though it’s totally obvious that she does. Coupled with all the insanely long flashbacks and Grace reliving her experiences with Ian the book dragged. I wanted more threat from the killer. I wanted more action. I wanted more story line in the present instead of constantly living in the past and learning things second hand.

I also had issues with Grace’s realization that Ian is a vampire and the following fallout with her best friend who is also in love with her. It was a weird love triangle that got even weirder when Ian’s partner falls in love with Grace too. Three guys vying for her attention was just a bit much.  She doesn’t seem to distraught to find out Ian is a vampire and within a chapter has decided it’s not a deal breaker. With all this going on you’d think she might be a bit stressed. She keeps insisting she fine because she’s a cop and that’s what they do. I didn’t buy it. She’s human. There is simply no way she could hold her own against a vampire, which she finds out later, and to think so made her seem narrow minded.

Had all the flashbacks been taken out and this book made the second in the series instead of the first I think it would have held it’s ground much better. The core story of the serial killer was interesting especially since the killer is related to Ian and it’s personal. I wanted more of that. What action there was, worked well and was wrote very solidly. The relationship with Ian and Grace (when alone) was something I could get behind had there not been all the other drama going on. It would have been nice to see their budding romance instead of simply hearing about it and being thrown back into it.

A Hunter’s Angel suffered from to much information. The way in which the book was wrote flowed well and the descriptions were good. I just wanted a bit less flashback and more present story line. I would try this author again.

I give A Hunter’s Angel by Cera DuBois 3 stars!

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