Bells Comes To Hang With Us!


Making connections and how much fun it can be.

By Belinda Bullock

Who would have ever thought that social networking would become so
popular and so important in our everyday lives. What started off as
innocent curiosity has turned into a full blown addiction!  At
first I was addicted to Facebook and when it became so serious on
there (mainly from crazy relatives) I decided to join Twitter, and
that is when the fun began.  At first I just followed a bunch of
celebrities because I really didn’t know what I was doing, and then I
found people that were discussing something that I absolutely
love…BOOKS!  I had hit the jackpot folks!  It couldn’t
have come at a better time as I had just rediscovered my love of books
again.  Working 6 days a week and having 4 children left me
little time to read.  When I joined Twitter I was a stay at home
mom working part-time at a library.  The library is one of my
favorite places ever and has always been a second home for me.
For as long as I could remember I was always at the library and always
reading.  So it was no surprise that I worked in one for most of
my adult life.  It took one book to reignite that spark and get
me addicted to books once again.  The book was Twilight by
Stephanie Meyer and after doing a search on Twitter to see if anyone
was discussing it I found that some people were.  But not only
were they discussing Twilight, but a bunch of other books that I
haven’t read yet.  This is when the connections began.
Through Twitter I was able to make so many connections with people
that enjoy books just as much as I do and with that I can now call
some of these people my friends.  I’ve had the great pleasure of
meeting others from Twitter in person over the past couple of years
and let me tell you that they are exactly how I expected them to
be.  Connecting with others has brought so much joy and
entertainment to my life and it’s always a pleasure talking to others
about so many things.  A great example would be how I was able to
connect with the owner of this blog.  Nikki and I chat on Twitter
every day and let me tell you she is an absolute joy!   She
makes me laugh all the time and because of this I am thankful to
Twitter for bringing so many awesome people into my life.

So tell me, how have you been able to connect with others?
A big happy 2nd anniversary to Ramblings From A Chaotic Mind!!


  1. Oh my lovely twinnie! Bells is an absolute doll and I love meeting her in person. She is always there with a hot guy, a book recommendation, some celeb gossip and best of all, a HUG!

    I agree 100% with Bells post – I have met some wonderful people on line (twitter). I finally got to meet Nikki earlier this month at RAGT. What an awesome time!

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