Impulse by Moira Rogers (Southern Arcana #5)

Available: Sept 4th, 2012 

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Samhain 

My Copy: Sent

Sera Sinclaire is a New Orleans rarity: a submissive coyote trapped in a town overrun by dominant shapeshifters. Worse, she lacks the willpower to deny the alphas-in-shining-armor who need her soothing presence, even when their protectiveness threatens to crush her hard-won self-reliance.

The only shifter she doesn’t want to push away is Julio Mendoza, a wolf so dominant he’s earned a place on the Southeast council.

Julio doesn’t have the luxury of indulging in the vacation his psychic shrink insists he needs. He can’t turn his back on responsibilities he’s beginning to wish he’d never shouldered. When an obsessive ex endangers Sera, though, instinct drives him to get her out of town. Watching her come to life outside the city makes him feel like he’s finally done something right, and her touch ignites desire he doesn’t want to ignore.

But soon, light-hearted flirting becomes a dangerous game of seduction, where every day spent falling into each other is another day avoiding the truth. Sera’s ex isn’t the only one who’d disapprove of their relationship. There are wolves who would kill to get Sera out of Julio’s life–starting with his own blood kin.


Loved this book so much! I have heard wonderful things about this series but have never gotten a chance to read one. When I was offered this one I jumped on it even though I was a bit worried that being fifth in the series would hinder my ability to understand the continuing story line. While I do think I would have enjoyed the inter-relationships better had I read the prior books, it really didn’t hinder my understanding of the book at all.

The simmering relationship between submissive Sera and dominant Julio was a thrill to read! I enjoyed how Sera approached her attraction to Julio. She is a submissive coyote which is rare but she seemed to revel in her need to have Julio. While he was often in charge she also had the ability to bring him to his knees, which gave her a lot of the power in the relationship. Julio was never afraid to assert his dominance with her. As a wolf, one with considerable power among his people, he had an image to uphold but his growing emotional attachment to Sera was always forefront in his mind. I loved how protective he was of her. Never once backing down when someone said something ignorant or racist to her. Growing under his love Sera became less afraid and skittish as the book continued on and that growth was well wrote and paced evenly. I just adored them together.

Racism played a big role in Impulse. Being a coyote seems to bring out the worst in people and Sera had to put up with a lot. Especially being seen with a wolf in a world where different species just don’t mix. You can have one as a mistress but as a mate just isn’t heard of. I enjoyed this aspect and the light it shed on the subject. It’s no different then real racism that still exists today, how people handle it and how that can define their character.

The suspense aspect was also well paced and while I generally like a bit more action, what was there was very well done. Since Julio fought with his thoughts/emotions concerning his father and the role he has played thus far in his life, I felt it fitting that he played a vital role in the story. Along with Sera’s dominant and slightly crazy ex-husband there was plenty of suspense to be had. Everyone was hell bent on protecting the coyote from everything but when push comes to shove Sera has more backbone then she gives herself credit for. The journey to her self discovery, while riddled with obstacles was one I enjoyed taking with her. I love when a woman realizes what she is made of and how she can be scared but she’s still capable.

If you enjoy Shelly Laurenston’s pack books you will surely enjoy this series! Wrote with a thread of humor along with the hotness of the characters, Moira Rogers has a winner in Impulse! Sexy alpha wolves for everyone!

I give Impulse by Moira Rogers 4 stars! 

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