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Let’s Go Out to the Movies

By Carrie Lofty

Obvious I’m here promoting my Scottish-set historical romance, Starlight, so let’s cover that part right up front. I loved writing Starlight, and I would love it if you picked up a copy. There! All done!

Now let’s talk movies.

Here’s my list of top ten movies set in/about Scotland. They’re not in any order, because I don’t like playing favorites…

The Decoy Bride (2011): Kelly Macdonald is the local girl who falls for former Doctor Who favorite, David Tennant, who plays an Englishman despite the fact he’s from Dundee. Adorable. Absolutely adorable.

ShakespeaRe:Told “Macbeth” (2005): A modernization of the classic Shakespeare play where James McAvoy is a sous chef whose wife convinces him to kill the restaurant owner. Things get a bit bloody. And there’s a helicopter involved.

Braveheart (1995): Of course. I’ll get in line to throw tomatoes at its history any day of the week, but the moment when he sees Murron in the crowd? I cry every time.

Local Hero (1983): Ewan McGregor’s real-life uncle, Denis Lawson, leads an eclectic cast of colorful locals as they take on Big Oil. This movie’s theme of local interests against big business was ahead of its time.

Trainspotting (1996): Does a movie about inner city junkies belong on the same list as the gorgeously rendered Braveheart? Heck, yeah! This is electric filmmaking. Even if you don’t or can’t relate to the characters, you can’t look away from what they do next.

Dear Frankie (2004): Gerard Butler being gruff and manly and sweet? Sign me up for a double shot of that.

Shallow Grave (1994): Another film by the director of Trainspotting. Let’s watch three roommates play chess with one another’s lives. A totally Hitchcock ending.

Rob Roy (1995): Oh! Liam! And oh my goodness, Tim Roth is evil! And, oh! I may have to set the others aside and declare a favorite after all.

Centurion (2010): Okay, so this isn’t technically Scotland. It’s about the Roman Ninth Legion massacre in Caledonia in 117 AD. And it stars Michael Fassbender running

around half-clad and gritty. I’ve liked films for shallower reasons. Just don’t ask what those were.

Brave (2012): Merida WIN!!

I’d like to give away a copy of STARLIGHT, and I’ll ship anywhere. Just answer the question: What’s your favorite film set in Scotland, and why?

Alternatively, you could name your favorite book set in Scotland. I’m such a slow reader that my brain defaults to movies……

An esteemed astronomer, Alex Christie, the eldest and most steadfast of the Christie siblings, has never possessed his late father’s ruthless business drive. But to protect his frail infant son from his cruel father-in-law’s bid for custody, the young widower must undertake Sir William Christie’s posthumous million-dollar challenge: to make a Glasgow cotton mill profitable. At sea in an industrial world of sabotage and union agitation, Alex meets Polly Gowan, daughter of a famed union leader, who hopes to seize a mysterious saboteur without involving the police. Because a sympathetic mill master would aid her cause, Polly becomes Alex’s guide to urban Scotland. From soccer games to pub brawls, Alex sees another side of life, and feels free for the first time to reveal the man–vital and strong–behind his intellectual exterior. Polly is utterly seduced. Their ambitions, however, remain at odds: Alex vows to earn the mill bonus to save his child, while Polly fights for the needs of her people. Is there strength enough in their sparkling passion to bind them together in their quests– and in a lasting love that conquers all?




What’s next for me:

Now that RT BookReviews 4½ Star Top Pick STARLIGHT has hit the shelves, I’ll be looking forward to the release of HIS VERY OWN GIRL, a historical romance set in World War II. It’s not women’s fiction. It’s not literary fiction. It’s a genuine romance, complete with sexy times and a happy ending. Look for it September 4th as a Pocket Star digital original novel. I cannot wait to see how readers respond!

I’ll also be launching a new co-written pseudonym, Katie Porter, with my long-time friend and critique partner, Lorelie Brown. Our “Vegas Top Guns” series of contemporary erotic romances will debut from Samhain on July 31 with the release of DOUBLE DOWN, which is also a RT BookReviews 4½ Star Top Pick. Two more from the series, INSIDE BET and HOLD ‘EM, will follow in August and September. You can learn more about these and future books at our website .

Where to find me:

Twitter: @carrielofty

Thanks again to Ramblings From a Chaotic Mind for having me!


  1. My fav was Braveheart – the rog rolling in – the cries – and Im a bit romantic because those are honestly my fav books also!! All of Julie Garwoods Scots books!!

  2. I can’t remember any books which are set in Scotland at the moment :p
    But Starlight sounds amazing and it has such a pretty cover! 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    justjanhvi at gmail dot com

  3. I don’t watch movies much, so I’m defaulting to books. My favorite series EVER – The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett set in 16th century Scotland.

  4. My favorite film set in Scotland would have to be The Water Horse! I love the Scottish legend of the Loch Ness monster and this takes it in a different and really cool direction. Plus it’s suitable for all ages so the little ones can watch it too.

  5. Movie-wise I love the kids movie: The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep. So good! And bookwise is Karen Marie Moning’s Kiss of the Highlander
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I loved The Water Horse. The lonely little boy finds an egg in a tidalpool and when it hatches, tries to hide it from his mother. It was a really cute story.

  7. I absolutely loved BRAVEHEART. I love history wrapped up in a great story. I’ve also just watched BRAVE. It was fabulous.


  8. Congrats on your recent release, Carrie!! Good luck with your upcoming as well.
    My favorite is probably trainspotting and it really was just very interesting to me. I was in middle/high school when it came out and knew a lot of people who did drugs, so it was intriguing to me. I just never understood the fascination. Another great one is Crossing The Line with Liam Neeson. I love every Highlander book that I have read, but the most recent that I really enjoyed was K.E. Saxon’s The Highlands Trilogy. She stated that she was doing a spin-off most likely, so I am excited about that. Thank you for the chance to read this. I really love the blurb! 😉
    trb0917 at

  9. Congrats on your new release. I read so many books set in Scotland that the beauty of it as described has made it my dream vacation. Someday. 🙂 Outlander,Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series etc etc. The pictures I’ve seen of Scotland are absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for this opportunity.
    Carol L.
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  10. I have read alot of historical romances set in Scotland and loved them all, so i can’t say that i have a favourite book. But as for movies, my favourite would have to be Braveheart.

  11. Fav movie – Braveheart! Cried buckets; always a sign of a good movie (or book if it was a book that brought me to tears). Fav book: I’ve read quite a few good highlander books. Margaret Mallory’s books are good (The Guardian).

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