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Love My Way, Phone Sex, and Faking It

Despite what people may think, writers of erotic romance are not always lucky enough to engage in the activities we write about. When needed, we use our excellent imaginations to fill in between the lines. The image of erotic author might be of a buxom diva at the computer in a bustier and stillettos, writing about real life while changing nothing more than the names. In truth, I’m wearing jeans and a tank top, scrawling a to-do list on the back of the cell phone bill while thinking up more interesting ways for my heroine to give a blow job.

I have a brand new Ellora’s Cave release called Love My Way starring a hunky and somewhat nerdy rock star named Peter. He’s after Katie, big time, but she’s had her heart stomped on and isn’t so sure. While he’s on the road, he talks her into phone sex one night. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the book and I’m extremely proud of it. It’s oh-so hot and playful and was incredibly fun to write. Little did I know it would start a mini firestorm while visiting family recently—speculation ran wild as to whether or not I was drawing on reality when I wrote it.

For the record, as for phone sex, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I am a phone sex virgin. But I am really good at faking it.

So even if phone sex isn’t the stuff of everyday life, that’s the fun of what I do and it’s the fun of erotic romance. Who doesn’t need a steamy escape from day jobs and to-do lists? If you do (and you know you do), make a comment below and you could win a copy of Love My Way. All you have to do is tell me something about phone sex…maybe you’re a pro, maybe you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe you just haven’t found the perfect partner or maybe reading about it as far as you want to go…

*Open till 7-18-12 – winner announced shortly after*

Love My Way

After her fiancé penned a “Dear Katie” letter, Kate Stillman vowed she’d never give a man more than one night. Free from emotional entanglements, she’s had some hot one-night stands, her heart has stayed off-limits and her photography career has skyrocketed. It’s the perfect plan until a Miami getaway brings her face-to-face with Peter Barrett.

Hunky rocker Peter has been pursuing Katie from afar ever since she photographed his band. In the flesh, it’s clear it was more than flirtation. Katie gives in to their sizzling chemistry, thinking Peter will appreciate her one-night rule. Instead, he balks and extends an invitation for a second night of pure abandon, an offer too tempting to refuse.

When they part, Katie realizes her rule protected her heart only too well. Time away from Peter leaves her wanting him more. Every steamy late-night phone call makes her wonder if she can love again. But when Peter returns and her trust is tested, Katie must overcome her past to learn that love her way was never the way at all.

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  1. wow….i just only know about phone sex in movie or books…
    would i want to try ? i think i’m to shy ;p
    but maybe sometimes i’d try once in a life time *lol*

    thx u for this giveaway..
    i love reading ellora cave 🙂

  2. Not quite phone sex, but way back in the early days of the internet, my SO and I were living in different states and we had a few steamy online typing sessions LOL. It was pretty fun. This sounds like a fun story. I love rock band heroes.

  3. I am a phone sex virgin too. It sounds like naughty fun when I read about the characters doing it, but I don’t know if I’d have the guts to actually try it… maybe if I’m really in the mood:)


  4. Phone sex sounds intriguing, but I don’t think I want to try it. I would rather read about it in books. Maybe I just haven’t found the right partner yet, who knows.

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