The Siren by Tiffany Reisz (The Original Sinners #1)

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Type: Erotic Novel

Publisher: Harlequin

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Notorious Nora Sutherlin is famous for her delicious works of erotica, each one more popular with readers than the last. But her latest manuscript is different—more serious, more personal—and she’s sure it’ll be her breakout book…if it ever sees the light of day.

Zachary Easton holds Nora’s fate in his well-manicured hands. The demanding British editor agrees to handle the book on one condition: he wants complete control. Nora must rewrite the entire novel to his exacting standards—in six weeks—or it’s no deal.

Nora’s grueling writing sessions with Zach are draining…and shockingly arousing. And a dangerous former lover has her wondering which is more torturous—staying away from him…or returning to his bed?

Nora thought she knew everything about being pushed to your limits. But in a world where passion is pain, nothing is ever that simple.


I don’t even know where to start on this review. By the end of this book I had run the gauntlet of emotions several times over. I ended this book near tears at the sheer profound awesomeness of it. I will say this book isn’t for everyone. I won’t go as far as saying I was uncomfortable but more like “OMG no she didn’t go there!”

Nora is not only a famous erotica author but an underground Dominatrix goddess. She lives what she writes and she caters to the whims of New Yorks most elite. If by cater I meant…beats, ravages, ties up and assaults. Wanting to get her newest book published by a world renowned publisher, she hides her Dominatrix job from her stuffy English editor, Zach. Since he didn’t want to work with her to begin with, Nora figured telling him she ties people up for money wasn’t the way to win him over. Zach gives her six weeks to overhaul her book and if at the end of the six weeks he’s satisfied, then and only then will he sign her pricey contract with the publishing house as his last piece of business before packing up and transferring to California.

The emotional depth in this book was so well wrote, so perfectly fractured and real it really lifted this book above pretty much anything I have ever read…..EVER. Nora was such a complex character. She’s a switch which means she can sub or Dom depending on who she is with but in her heart she will always be the sub for the only man she has ever loved, Soren. While being a Dom gives her the outlet she needs to try to exercise Soren from her heart and mind, she still craves him with every fiber of her being.

Zach spends a great deal of the book completely confounded by his attraction to this strange woman. He tries to deny his attraction because he misses his estranged wife so much. He craves the touch of his wife though he feels like after so long he should give up any notion that he can make amends with her. Instead he throws himself into working on Nora’s novel and unwittingly enters her world that is much darker than he ever anticipated. His secrets threaten to drown him until witnessing Nora’s world opens him up to possibilities he never considered.

Nora is almost like separate people contained in the same body. Part of her wants to dominate while part of her want to submit. Yet another part of her wants a normal relationship with her intern Wesley who is clearly in love with her but unable to conform to her Dom/sub cravings. Wesley is her prince on a white horse kind of guy. The one she thinks she should be with if only she didn’t love Soren and want the sub relationship so badly. I felt bad for the guy really. It’s obvious he wants to be what she needs and it’s even more obvious that he can’t be. It’s a doomed relationship before it even starts. But in its ending it’s also the beginning to Nora’s discovery of not only what she wants but what she needs as well. The problem is that I’m not convinced that what she thinks she wants is what she really needs.

The complexity of the relationships within these pages blew me away. Don’t go into this book thinking it’s a romance because it isn’t. At least not in the traditional sense.  The Siren takes every romance book rule and shits all over it. Monogamous characters? Nope. Nora gets down with multiple men…and women throughout the novel. She flogs, sucks and mounts without reserve. She’s free. Happily ever after? Not really, though I can say I was content with the ending. Skirting the  age limits acceptable for having sex. Most definitely. Extreme Dom/sub relationships spoke of in GRAPHIC detail? Yes…..many time over, yes. Doms who are in vocations you would think Doms would NOT be in? Yep.

The Siren is profound, witty, hauntingly different and extremely well wrote. Its dirty and comes close to being outright illegal. I absolutely loved this book from page one to the very last word. I look forward to book two like I haven’t looked forward to a book before. I laughed, I cried and I cringed. You may find yourself uncomfortable with certain aspects but hopefully, like myself, be unable to put it down.

I give The Siren by Tiffany Reisz 5 stars!


  1. If there is one word to describe this book for me, it’s “disturbing”. It’s very interesting, captivating and absolutely original. I don’t know which hero I want Nora to end up with. Wesley loves her innocently and sweetly. Soren loves her passionately. Zach is beginning to love her but he is still hung up on his ex.

    I agree with your entire review, except for your conculsion. I’m not excitedly waiting for the next book. I prefer my novels with a little more romance and a little less psychosis.

  2. There is definitely a comfort level with this one. I enjoyed it so much because I went into it KNOWING it wasn’t a romance really. I read it for the story and shock level. Along the way though, I started to care about the characters and that is a mark of a good book. Even through all the muck…I cared.

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