One Fiery Night by Em Petrova

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Type: Erotic Romance 

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

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Firefighter Luke Puckett is determined not to get involved with a female since his brother perished fighting a fire, leaving his wife and four kids. When Luke pulls a woman and her child out of a burning house, he’s stunned to find she’s his college ex. Passion consumes him once again for this recent divorcée. He fights to stay away from her, but his desire for her lush curves is impossible to battle.

Josie Springer escapes the enormous house fire with nothing but the clothes on her back and her daughter. As she begins to recuperate from her losses, she finds she’s gained something bigger since Luke walked back into her life. She’s always held a candle for this lover who dumped her with little explanation.

While their relationship sears between the sheets, Josie and Luke harbor personal doubts it will work until a near tragedy makes them take another look.


One Fiery Night is a example of a good idea with not enough substance. Old lovers Luke and Josie are thrown back together when Josie’ house catches fire and Luke, a firefighter, unknowingly saves his college love and her daughter. I barely made it through this one, had it have been any longer I wouldn’t have. It’s incredibly short and because of that it was unbelievable and honestly I didn’t find the sex scenes very well wrote either.  The sex scenes were words without feelings.

The whole premise of their past break up was based on  a assumption by Luke that Josie and his brother had been sneaking around behind his back. Instead of simply asking Josie back then he just broke up with her and never told her why. He did confront his brother, who has since died in a fire, who denied any wrong doing but Luke never believed him, even up to his death. By killing off the brother it made it hard for this conflict to go anywhere. This could have been much better executed had the brother still been around and it would have presented a new conflict in the present instead of simply in the past.

Without strong enough writing to really make me understand Luke’s personality he just came off as a jerk. Then Luke and Josie jump back into a sexual relationship and even after Luke accuses Josie of cheating in the past, she still comes back to him. Um no. Just no. The fact that even after that, Josie lets him back in without much of a fight didn’t make me like her very much. There just wasn’t a connection between characters and certainly not with the reader. Even the sex scenes, while hot, felt superficial and fake. This book needed to be longer, better wrote and with more emotional substance. I have read other books just as short that I didn’t have any of these problems with. I can’t say it was the length as much as the author. I was left disappointed and wanting.

I give One Fiery Night by Em Petrova 2 stars

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