Mere Temptation by Daisy Harris

Mere Temptation is Daisy Harris’ first published work and will available this month in e-format with the paperback due next year! I was so excited to get my hands on an e-copy for review! I haven’t seen many mermaid stories being written and no other stories with ocean shifters. The book did not disappoint!

Isa is a mermaid caught between fryhood and adulthood. Too old to be a fry and yet not ready to become an adult. The only way to transition is to give yourself to a mermaid/ocean shifter, in every way. In doing so you give up your ability to stay away from the water. Isa sees this as a leash she isn’t willing to put on and so while all her childhood friends have made the decision, she hedges even years later. Because there is another choice. Give yourself to a human and you can stay human forever. Isa is caught between wanting to stay the same and give up all that she has ever known. Years ago she ran away from the one boy who might have had the ability to make her stay.

When Isa realizes she is being followed on land by scientists eager to study her kind by any means necessary, she heads to the safest place she knows….home. After so many years Isa wasn’t expecting to run into the man who made her run in the first place. The first person she sees is Sidon. Except he isn’t a cute, bumbling teen any longer. He has grown into a gorgeous male water dragon. He has also been put in charge of protecting their sanctuary making him near Isa at all times.

When Isa gets attacked any dormant feelings Sidon might have had return in full protective force. Together they work to find out who is hunting her and kidnapping other mermaid children for experiments. With the decision to change human or mermaid permanently hanging over her head, Isa may have to decide what and who she loves quickly.

Karon and Gracie are on the ship that is masterminding the kidnapping for the scientists. Karon has executed many missions just like this one but his relationship with a past captive, Gracie is clouding his brain and giving him a conscience. Gracie, a succubus, is working both sides. Having growing feelings for Karon and a need to want to help those like her. Convincing Karon that the mission is wrong is going to take all of Gracie’s charms.

I absolutely loved this short story! I haven’t ever read a mermaid story before and honestly, there aren’t many out there anyway. I love shifter stories but felt like I needed a break from my furry friends. Mere Temptation was a perfect break from the norm. Daisy blends shifter with lore perfectly! Mere Temptation is extremely well wrote and flows quickly. Her descriptive writing will let you experience the colors of her ocean world. From the blue rippling waves to the salty sea air, Daisy will enrapture you with the experience. Book two. Mere Passion,  is due out in e-form in December, and I can’t wait to read more of her underwater views!

I give Mere Temptation 4.5 stars!!


*Look for my interview and giveaway with Daisy Harris coming soon!!*


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