I’m too tired to blog…

Ok everyone. This week has been very hard on my body and my mind. As I write this I am wondering what I would have to do to convince a doctor to put me into a medically induced coma just for a few days in order for me to recover from this week. I can’t type, I can’t spell and I am having a hard time even reading. I am so glad its Friday. If I can make it through today then I can rest (except for that weekend b-day party for a friend’s daughter) for two days.

As you may know, in my real life off this blog, I clean for a living. I started out cleaning vacant apartments at a mostly elderly community. I then added three regular cleanings (two for single guys living in the complex and one outside the complex) to that schedule. Well this week I added one more. So Monday I finished a vacant apartment I had started last week. Tuesday was one of my actual clients. Wednesday was my new client…that one was rough on my back and it will take me a few times to get it up to my standards. Yesterday and today is a vacant furnished apartment. AND (joy) I was informed there was a sewage backup in a different vacant apartment and the tub needs cleaned out….seriously? *sigh* This is my life.

Last night we had our annual complex dinner…so I was expected to attend with the family. Which I did (except for hubby) and the food was really really good. There was a barbershop quartet there singing…which was….yeah it just was….

I am also trying my best to stay on top of my reading so I can regale you all with the awesomeness in my possession. Between the beta’s I am working on, the books on my shelf and the early releases I have been getting….WOW…there is some good stuff out or going to be out shortly! Emails are rolling in with the promise of new beta reads that I can’t wait to vaguely (haha) share with you all! By that I mean names of authors and maybe a title….yeah I know, I’m no fun. 🙂

HOWEVER, I just got another acceptance for a short interview from an author I adore…that should be coming here in a few weeks! Come to think of it I may have authors lined up for the rest of the month. There will be a few giveaways in there as well!

So, if there is ever a blog post that looks like this: ghfgcsdbkjagrygfsfkjgwyfghdaushfdgfuyffuffvbkjbfkjwfb    You will know why because I will have fell asleep at the keyboard and my forehead has accidentally hit the post button.

Big things are coming here on my little blog…stick around!


  1. Awww!! you just got to slow down. Foreheads hitting keys can really hurt. My bruise is still healing and I didn’t even go to sleep…just bent down to pick up my mouse that fell when I knocked over my cup and the……well I’m sure you can figure it out.
    Get a good sleep tonight….
    should I sign this – Mom???

  2. Oh Nikki!
    Get some rest!
    (I can’t afford to have the best beta ever die of exhaustion.)
    But really! Tell all those pesky writer types to give you a break now and then. Slave drivers!

    Sounds like some cool stuff happening with your book reviews and interviews. Rest now so you’ll be coherent later and able to enjoy it all.

  3. As I type this I am downing massive amounts of coffee and wondering if I have strong headache meds in the kitchen cabinet LOL. If I can get through the half finished vacant apartment, the nasty sewage stained bathtub, the planned kids playdates and somehow get to the store to buy a birthday present…I will be okay….

    Julie I will try not to die of exhaustion…cuz I really want to read that manuscript, lol

    Mandy and Kristin….if I ship my kids to you can you keep them a few days while I sleep? 🙂

    Mimi, ok mom I will try and take it easy.

    Other then the bills and work…I love my crazy life!

  4. Rest, then read Nikki! *g*

    BTW best of luck with the bathtub, we live out in the sticks where we have a septic system and once when it rained for 3 days straight the sewer clogged and backed up into the tub, the sink, the toilet…. It was an experience I never want to repeat cleaning up ever ever ever!

    jackie ^_^

  5. Thankfully the maintenance guys that work there did a very good job of cleaning up their mess. I had to bleach everything again and do the floor but it could have been much much worse lol. I got both apartments done today…got out of there quick and ran to the bookstore (who’s surprised) and then to Target to pick up gift for tomorrows b-day party. Now two playdates this evening, dinner somewhere in there which will most likely be pizza and home to finish Ms Harris’ work in progress and edit 3 chapters of a YA I have been working on. I am in my second wind right now….

  6. Haahaha! I love the pictures!

    The only thing I can suggest is to write one post and break it up into 7 parts. One sentence in each part and you’re good for at least a week. You’re welcome. And sorry I won’t be able to give you anymore awesome advise. Genius takes time ya know.

    Oh! I just thought of something else. If your post comes out looking like this:
    dhdahdlahfalhflk hafoh haor9hwq hjfadljnfs
    Just post the next time saying you’re having a giveaway for the first person who can break the “code” from your last post. Then send the prize to me as payment. Once again, you’re welcome!


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