Demon Retribution by Kiersten Fay (Shadow Quest #3)

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Type: Paranormal/Sci Fi Romance

Publisher: Self Pub

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Whisked away from her home planet after a mysterious invasion, Kyra has concealed herself on Earth for the last four centuries with no hope of returning home. That is until the appearance of a mysterious and sexy demon, claiming to have been sent by her family. With danger drawing near, Kyra must set aside years of mistrust and put her life in Cale’s hands.

Sent ahead of his ship, Marada, Cale must locate and protect the third Faieara Princess from those who seek her capture. He expects the retrieval to be effortless and Kyra to be a timid reflection of her sister, Anya. What he discovers instead is a strong, beguiling female who forces him to question everything he has ever known.


Overall I enjoyed this one! Demon Retribution is book three in Fay’s self pubbed Shadow Quest series. I have not read any of the books prior to this one and so I went into it hoping that I would be able to grasp the world building without the knowledge of the prior books. I think, had I read the first two I would have gotten the concept much easier, but as it was I think I did okay. I really didn’t have any burning questions with the world the book is built upon and really didn’t have any issues until the second half the book.

Kyra has been living on earth for 400 yrs after being sent away from her planet by her desperate father who was on the brink of a invasion. She’s lived on her own and never allowed anyone close since then until she met Zooey in the last few yrs. They became close friends and Kyra her fierce protector, though her friend is clueless as to her interstellar heritage. Kyra knows it’s time for her to move on but with her friend so dependent on her for emotional support, the time doesn’t seem right.

When she is attacked by aliens in the alley behind the coffee shop she works at and then rescued by a man claiming to have been sent by her father, Kyra’s long lost hope flares to life. Cale has been sent to find her and bring her home but he isn’t sure he can tell her what he truly is, a demon. Kyra has no knowledge of demons and so is justifiably confused and worried about trusting someone who seems intent of getting her back to his ship one way or another.

I loved the first half of the book. It’s full of action and smexy goodness and was well wrote. I wasn’t sure why Cale kept wanting to have sex though because Fay makes it clear that because demons only mate bond once (and he has but she died) that when they try again fire fills their veins and it’s extremely painful. Now I don’t know about you, but even if David Backham walked up to me naked and begged me to do him, I’m not sure I could if the result was agony ripping through my veins because he wasn’t my mate. I love sex as much as the next person…but even a sadist might take issue with that. So anyway, other then that I loved the first half of the book.

The second half is where it gets hairy for me and it might be because I didn’t read the first two books. All these other characters and their side stories show up on the spaceship and I wasn’t invested in them at all. Because of that I thought the second half was bloated in word count and at times slipped into lulls and got quite boring.  Cale’s sister has what could easily have been her own novella in the second half and it was to much. I wanted Cale and Kyra and not all their friends too. I did like her being reunited with her sisters and thought it was a great idea having their powers combine in the final fight of the book. I enjoyed Kyra learning the parameters of her powers throughout the book and thought it helped her character grow.

I would recommend that readers start this series at the beginning and perhaps you won’t feel as I did. Fay has strong writing and good story lines that I think paranormal/sci fi romance readers will enjoy!

I give Demon Retribution by Kiersten Fay 3.75 stars! 

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