Firefighter Series by Jill Shalvis

I just finished some old school reading. How I managed to fit it into my reading schedule is beyond me. Ok, well technically now I’M behind but whatever, this is a hard to find series. A few years ago I read book one in this delightful series but my local library didn’t have books 2 or 3 in the system. They claimed they were “lost”. I claim some person couldn’t handle the responsibility of returning a library book. Fast forward a few years to where I found myself a friend that works at a library. I’m so smart, I know. Anyway she ordered the book from another county and voila, I could finally finish this yummy series. If you love Jill Shalvis then check out her older books. These are out of print so you’ll have to search used sources (and no e-book either, WHAT), but trust me…her older work is worth it. 🙂

While these are all part of a series, they can be read as stand alones if you aren’t as anal as I am about reading things in order. Yummy firemen and strong women make these three solid romances that I really enjoyed. I miss the suspense element that some of her older books wove through them.

Great reads!!!

Available: June 2004

Publisher: Onyx

Bush pilot Lyndie Anderson lives only for her plane and the open sky. But when she’s hired to fly a brooding-but-gorgeous fireman to a forest fire, suddenly she’s struggling to douse a burning desire. And although it doesn’t show, Griffin Moore starts having feelings for her, too. But he’s suffered too much lately to open his heart. So when the two set off sparks, he wonders if Lyndie could be worth the risk…






Available: December 2004

Pubisher: Onyx

After San Diego firefighter Jake Rawlins is injured in a heroic, high-profile rescue, he decides to hide from the media and recover in solitude. So he retreats to the Blue Flame, the Arizona guest ranch he inherited from his father. The remote oasis under a clear azure sky might seem like a bit of heaven, but Jake finds himself longing to return to the city, where he can be lost in a crowd instead of alone with his thoughts–or-his spread’s tempestuous manager.

Callie Hayes has put into the Blue Flame her heart and soul–both of which are shaken when her wildly sexy employer returns, rekindling memories of the stormy past they shared. But Jake’s a different man, and soon he’s setting off sparks that could lead to a love hot enough to change both their lives.




Available: May 2005

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Summer Abrams nearly died trying to save her father from a warehouse fire that, in the end, took his life. Consumed by guilt, she never set foot back in the town where her world fell apart. But now, twelve years later, another fire has ripped through that very warehouse, drawing Summer back to Ocean Beach–and to the man who was once her best friend…and is now a wildly sexy fire marshal who ignites her deepest desires.

Walker Montana has spent most of his life keeping people at bay. Summer was the only person he’d ever let in, but she’d broken his heart–and then took off without a word. After all these years, she’s back–and she won’t leave until they track down the arsonist responsible for this latest fire. Now Walker, who swore he’d never fall for Summer again, discovers he can’t resist the scorching heat between them–and suddenly he’s wondering if all these hot nights could be become something more lasting…


  1. Your friend must really be awesome to find those books for you. I wish I had a friend like that. I hope you thanked her with chocolate or alcohol. 🙂

  2. See, now this is one of the reasons I don’t use the library (oh, the shame). I know myself too well and I wouldn’t do well with that read it and return it by this deadline thing so I’d probably end up being the person who held you up from reading the next books in the series. So it’s really for the good of all humanity and library users everywhere that I let my library card languish.

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