Riding Double and The Harder They Buck By Sayde Grace Double Review

Riding Double

Billie has bad luck with men. Or maybe they have bad luck with her. Either way the string of men in her past are only a substitute for the only one she really wants, has always wanted, Bo. But Bo betrayed her years ago and she has never fully recovered from it. Instead she finds herself moving aimlessly from one bed to the next, imagining her cowboy every time. No man has ever been able to touch her the way he can. She is sure no one ever will.

Bo has been trying to get through to Billie for years. The misunderstanding in their past colors her judgement at every turn that involves him. When he finds her on her knees with not only another man, but his roommate Chet, Bo decides that maybe the way to her heart is to involve someone completely different.

A weekend away for the three of them becomes a foray into sensual fantasy threesomes. Whether it be on the bed, in the shower or the hottub…Billie is about to learn that while both men can certainly turn her on…only one can melt her heart.

When these three get together sparks fly from every direction. Staying true to the name Riding Double is a trip down menage lane.  Hot cowboys who know exactly how to rope your emotions will have you turning pages in a flurry of excitement.

The Harder They Buck

Melanie has been in love with ex rodeo star Lance for two years. Just the thought of him makes her nearly go to her knees. Having a childhood filled with loneliness makes her think she can’t ever feel the kind of love Lance would expect. Nor does she want to be the “little woman” keeping his home warm. Running to a sex club to curb her urges is the only way she knows how to deal with her needs and emotions…anonymous sex with a stranger hand-picked for her personal desires is just the ticket.

Lance can’t ride the rodeo circuit any longer so to secure his financial freedom (and his late night fantasies) he decides to open a club where a whole lot of riding goes on….just without bulls or horses. Minx is a sex club unlike no other. They pride themselves not only on health standards but complete anonymity. When Lance decides to personally see to the requests of one of the patrons, he is surprised to find the woman behind the mask acts a lot like a woman he has tried to get out of his head for years…Melanie.

When both their indiscretions come to light they will have to fight to make their hidden love survive. Overcoming sexual inhibitions may not be easy…but the road there sure can be fun.

The Harder They Buck is centered about the idea of being submissive when every cell in your body screams to be dominant. Can you withstand the heat when you are asked to turn over your inhibitions and follow your heart? Melanie will have to find that very thing out.

Both of these short stories were filled with a lot of heart. More then the sex scenes, there were actual stories about overcoming obstacles. I give both of the  short stories Riding Double and The Harder They Buck 3 stars! I look forward to the next two installments in the Cowboy Kink series! If you like sexy cowboys and lots of hot and kinky sex then Sayde Grace is a author you have to try!

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