Armed and Delicious by Lynn LaFleur (Coopers’ Companions #4)

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Type: erotic romance 

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Breanna Talmage has law school almost behind her and is on her way to a satisfying career. She enjoys her job in her father’s law firm, treasures the relationship with her mother, has several close girlfriends. And lots of male friends, so sex is plentiful. And she likes lots and lots of sex, with no strings attached. She’s completely satisfied with her life. Until the threats begin.

Detective Evan Stone doesn’t want to get saddled with babysitting Breanna, a young woman he considers way too immature. Plus, they have a history—a hot one-night stand two years ago. But when her life is in danger, he can’t say no to Breanna’s stepfather, Zachary Cooper, who is one of Evan’s closest friends. He’ll protect Breanna until the person threatening her is caught.

Lust wasn’t supposed to be part of the assignment. Neither was falling in love.


Armed and Delicious is book four in the Cooper’s Companions series which are slightly longer then novella length books centering around the world of a male escort company. I have not read the prior three books but I really didn’t have any trouble following the continuing story arc because it was pretty far removed from the escort side of things. There are some carry over characters but nothing that was much deeper then surface level.

This book, while classified as an erotic romantic suspense could have used a bit more in the suspense area. After a few initial attempts on her life, Evan whisks Breanna away where no harm can come to her, thus stopping the suspense aspect and instead following a erotic romance road between the two of them. The sex was well wrote, don’t get me wrong, but I was hoping for a bit more story to go along with it. Breanna, who goes through men like I drink bottles of water, can’t seem to understand how someone is upset enough at her to make attempts on her life. My favorite line in the book was:

“So she liked sex with different guys. That didn’t make her a slut. It made her…adventurous”

Well at least her thought process was in tact LOL. The growing connection between her and Evan was the best part of the book. She’s 7 yrs younger then him and since he is being her protector, tries to keep his lust for her in check. They have a tumultuous past, well a 5 minute hookup at a wedding, that he’s been trying to get over ever since. She was just as affected by their past as he was and has spent the last few years running from him and the way he made her feel. She starts the book as a selfish, spoiled woman but by the end she has at least evolved into someone I might be able to be friends with…..maybe.

The ending was horribly done and a complete and total let down. It was all lead up to the person responsible for the several attempts, although not very good attempts, on her life and then nothing happened. NOTHING. I wanted someone to actually be really mad with her. Lord knows any man in the destructive wake she left behind her would have had sufficient cause to want to rough her up. Alas, it was over in two seconds tied up with pretty ribbons and bows and a apology was all it took to make everything alright. Awww sorry I tried to kill you, I promise it won’t happen again. Um, no….no it’s not okay. Sigh.

I give Armed and Delicious by Lynn LaFleur 2.75 stars! 

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